GMB viewers hit out as Richard Madeley praises declining ‘double vaxxed’ deaths

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Good Morning Britain viewers were left furious after Richard Madeley claimed he had good news for the nation.

Research announced yesterday stated that around 99 per cent of coronavirus deaths in England between January 2 and July 2021 were people who had not received both doses of the available vaccinations.

Deputy director of health and life events at the Office of National Statistics, Julie Stanborough said: "The risk of a death involving Covid-19 is much lower among people who are fully vaccinated than those who are unvaccinated or have only received one dose.

"This shows the effectiveness of the vaccines in giving a high degree of protection against severe illness and death."

Richard announced that following the coronavirus vaccination programme, following reports, he announced that there has been 59 deaths this year from people who are double vaccinated.

Addressing the millions of viewers at home, Richard said: "If I had a bell, I'd ring it because we've brought you so much bad news over these past few months because of these damn Covid statistics.

"This morning, we have a great one – you may have already heard it, it broke quite late last night, this is from the Office of National Statistics."

He continued: "This is kosher, only 59 people who have been double vaccinated and without any other serious underlying health problems, died from Covid, out of 50,000 deaths in England, this year.

"I'll repeat that, 59, only 59 double vaxxed people died out of 50,000 deaths."

Turning to co-anchor, Susanna Reid, he said: "I know you're focused on figures and on the negative side which is important and is absolute but this is good news, isn't it?"

However, a stern-faced Susanna responded: "Well, let's just you know, that many deaths is never good news, we have to be sensitive about each one of those deaths.

"But you're absolutely right, the benefit that, that shows of the double vaccination is outstanding."

Taking to Twitter, viewers couldn't help but hit out at Richard's comments which some claimed were insensitive.

After Richard's co-anchor Susanna slammed his comments, one viewer penned: "Thanks Susanna those 59 are people families… Richard pleased, it's none of his family or fr… That's 59 precious people!!!!#gmb [sic]"

"Richard Madeley has been on screen less than 3 minutes & he's already made an insensitive remark about the victims of Covid. #GMB @GMB," said a second.

While another added: "@GMB cannot believe what Richard just said. 59 people dying is not a great result. We are talking about someone’s parents, siblings, children. Would he be so flippant if it was one of his family members?"

"Omg Madeley is so cringe on #gmb. 'Great news, only 59 deaths from covid.' Only 59 bereaved families, then. *only*," fumed a fourth.

Another typed: "Had to rewind, good news only 59 deaths!!! Seriously? How disrespectful."

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