GMB’s Dr Hilary Jones issues stark warning over lockdown easing: ‘We’re in trouble’

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Dr Hilary, 66, was on hand to give yet more advice about the coronavirus crisis this morning, alongside hosts Piers Morgan, 55, and Susanna Reid, 49. As every edition of Good Morning Britain starts now, the trio discussed the latest updates on the pandemic and how different countries across the world are tackling the spread of the disease. With this week seeing the lockdown measures placed on the UK beginning to lift very slowly, the presenters had a conversation about a report which suggests COVID-19 could be starting to weaken. However, the ITV medical expert was cautious to accept the findings of the report and for the government to take this on board as the results could be catastrophic.

“There’s no scientific evidence to support the statements by a doctor in Milan saying he thinks, anecdotally, that the visual swab test that they’re doing shows there’s a less, reduced viral load,” Dr Hilary said.

“Therefore, he is suggesting that the virus has become weaker and less of a threat.

“However, other scientists are saying there is actually no evidence of genetic mutation making this virus weaker and anecdotal reports are no reliable.

“If we relax our view of this virus, we’re in for trouble. So I think it’s wishful thinking,” he continued.


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