Gogglebox's Jenny admits quitting smoking has made her pile on half a stone as she bans 'goodies' on strict diet

GOGGLEBOX favourite Jenny Newby opened up about her strict new diet after packing on the weight once she quit smoking.

The former publican revealed to co-star and best mate Lee Riley she's not allowing herself treats and skips dinner.

He said to her: "You know you stopped smoking, have you…?"

Jenny replied: "Put on weight? Yes. I'm now 11st 3oz".

When Lee pressed her to find out if it had been a full stone, she quickly shut him down: "No, don't say a stone. It can't be a stone.

"I've not had any goodies and don't eat on a night."

But her strictness went out the window when Lee offered to get a Chinese takeaway and they both cackled about it.

Gogglebox fans loved her honesty and delighted at seeing the pair back on the telly.

"You still look great Jenny," wrote one Twitter user.

Another added: "Don't eat in a night, but having a chinese. Love these two."

And a third said: "Jenny and lee are priceless love them!"

They met decades ago when Jenny was the landlady of a pub called The Crown Inn in East Riding, and Lee was a regular.

They became firm friends and joined the Channel 4 show in 2014.

Lee shared of a video of Jenny moving back into his Hull caravan so they could film the new series without breaking lockdown.

Lee filmed the moment he saw Jenny pull up outside, dragging two suitcases behind her.

He shouted: "Hiya, what are you doing here? You're early!"

"I wanted to surprise you," said Jenny.

Cheeky Lee poked fun at his pal, saying: "How many suitcases have you got? You're not staying for that long."

The Channel 4 show has defended cast members appearing in the same room together despite not living under the same roof after it came under fire for appearing to break social distancing rules.

Fans were confused why some were able to break the 2m barrier – but Jenny and Lee have been in quarantine together so they series can go ahead.

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