Goose The Cat Steals The Show In 'Captain Marvel'

**Captain Marvel SPOILERS ahead!!**

Captain Marvel is currently blowing away the box office and there’s one thing everyone can agree on: Goose the cat is the MAN. The orange tabby is not only a super cutie, he’s a Flerken! What the hell is that? Exactly.

A Flerken is an alien creature that looks like a regular old house cat. But it’s capable of all this extra gross shit. For example, they can lay over 100 eggs at a time and they have a kraken-esque mouth that explodes out of that pretty kitty face. It’s not pretty. You get a full taste in the movie. It’s like someone turned an Uglydoll inside out.

Captain Marvel has a Flerken named Chewie in the comics. Goose is his film counterpart. Writer/director team Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck updated the name to be more in tune with when Danvers is a pilot in the film, which is around 1989. Goose, in case you’re uncool and haven’t seen Top Gun, is Tom Cruise’s best bud who dies tragically, leading to much soul searching for for Tom, er Maverick. But I digress…

Goose the cat is played by four different fuzzy buddies named Reggie, Archie, Rizzo and Gonzo. Each give nuanced dramatic performances that are also powerful when needed. I think it’s Gonzo who vomits the Tesseract in an abject moment of onscreen honesty. His performance brings to mind the other standout kitties in acting history — Tonto, the Pet Sematary cat, the cat Llewyn Davis chases — just amazing company.

Goose, as it turns out, is also responsible for Nick Fury’s eye injury, which happens in a strangely low-key moment. Barely anyone even notices. Fury plays it off like he couldn’t care less! Very weird, but it speaks to Fury’s love of Goose. I can’t blame him. He can scratch my eye out anytime also.

Captain Marvel is currently in theaters.

(Brightened poster so you can see Goose in the corner.)

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