Gossip Girl star Kristen Bell teases ‘risky twist’ in first episode: ‘It’s more risqué

Gossip Girl teaser features in HBO Max promo

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This year fans of Gossip Girl will be returning to New York’s Upper Eastside for the all-new reboot, happening this week. Ahead of its release, the show’s narrator Kristen Bell recently let viewers into a hint about the first episode and its potential twist.

It’s been almost eight years since Gossip Girl’s season finale aired and the identity of the anonymous blogger revealed.

The award-winning teen drama followed the lives of privileged teenagers living in New York and studying at the prestigious Constance Dillard School for girls.

However, drama ensued when a ruthless blogger began revealing secrets, scandals and gossip on the Gossip Girl website.

The friends were on a mission to find out who in their circle was finding out their secrets and spreading it online.

Fans will remember when the gossip girl revealed Serena Van Der Woodson (played by Blake Lively) had been sleeping with her teacher to boost her grades, which later turned out to be a lie.

Or when Nate Archibald (Chase Crawford) had been gambling and drug dealing to keep up appearances after he had been financially cut off by his parents.

With the new group of students being introduced to the social surveillance of the gossip girl, the upcoming reboot is expected to be filled with just as much drama.

The next generation of New York’s private school teens will also have to deal with the pressures of social media.

The series will highlight key differences between the revival and the original series, with the use of technology and the city’s landscape.

Despite all these changes, one thing staying the same is iconic narrator Kirsten Bell.

In the original series, she voiced the anonymous blogger in every episode before making a rare cameo as herself in the season finale.

In a recent interview on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Kristen gave fans a major tease about the first episode.

When asked about the differences between the original show and the new reboot, she revealed: “On Gossip Girl, the new show is really cool because it talks all about how social media has changed us.”

The actress added: “It’s more risqué because it’s on HBO Max, and there’s a twist at the end of episode one that’s really different.”

Originally Gossip Girl aired on The CW before being cancelled in 2012, due to a decline in viewership

The streaming platform also has strict rules about keeping their characters and storylines simplified to appeal to their younger audience.

Whereas HBO shows are allowed to explore storylines surrounding extreme drug abuse and sex with explicit scenes.

Perhaps this is what the all-new series of gossip girl could entail and as for the twist at the end of the episode, fans will have to wait and see.

Thankfully viewers don’t have long to wait as the drama will finally be airing tomorrow on HBO.

All episodes of the original series of gossip girl is available to stream on The CW.

The rebooted version will stream on HBO Max.

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