Graham Norton has fans in hysterics: his best one-liners from Eurovision 2022

A huge reason we love Eurovision is for the music, and tonight Sam Ryder represented the United Kingdom, and it was clear from the off that he was going to score big as twelves were awarded continuously to the UK by countries across Europe.

An elated Sam could be seen smiling as at the half way point of voting the UK were still leading with 195 points, but after all the votes were cast it was Ukraine's Kalush Orchestra who scooped the top prize.

And another huge reason we love Eurovision in the UK is Graham Norton’s commentary.

And this year he didn’t disappoint, leaving viewers in hysterics with some incredible one-liners.

We’ve rounded up some of his best from Eurovision 2022 here:

Romania’s ‘lack’ of shirts

The Romanian entry, Llamamé by WRS, featured several male backing dancers with very high cropped sheer red tops.

To add to the camp nature of the performance, the men were also covered in oil and glitter.

As he introduced the performance, Graham tittered: “This performance is the first of the great Italian shirt shortage of 2022.”

Midway through, the lead singer had a quick outfit change, with his flamenco-style red shirt ripped off and replaced with a sheer, sparkly black top.

“The one good shirt!” Graham quipped. “And they ripped it!”

Finland’s horror film-inspired staging

Finland entered the only rock song of the Eurovision grand final – and their staging was also on the edgy side.

The lead singer started the track staring menacingly into the camera, wearing a raincoat and holding a yellow balloon.

“If you’ve seen the film IT! And you found it quite scary, I must warn you that the beginning of this performance may give you a shiver…”

Switzerland's outfit curse?

Boys Don’t Cry by Marius Bear, the Swiss entry, was criticised for being boring and worthy of a John Lewis Christmas advert.

“I don’t want to jinx it, but James Newman wore a very similar leather jacket last year… I hope it works better for Marius.”

Let’s all be reminded that James Newman’s entry for the UK came last in 2021… with nil points across the board.

France's BBQ

"How confident are they, performing AND hosting a barbecue at the same time?"

Armenia's lockdown staging

Armenia’s sweet ballad came with some very interesting staging, with the whole set, complete with a bed, walls and even a mic stand, covered in pieces of paper.

But it was difficult to take the performance seriously after Graham's introduction: “If you’re wondering who bought all that toilet paper at the start of lockdown, it was Rosa Linn.”

Spain’s risqué outfit choice

“You think, she can’t be wearing any less – but then by the end, she is!”

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