Greg Shepherd tells Billie to ‘learn some manners’ as they get into a tiff over dinner

Billie and Greg Shepherd have returned to our TV screens with a new episode of Bille and Greg: The Family Diaries, as the couple continue to share both the highs and lows of their family life with fans.

The most recent episode of the series saw Bille, 32, and Greg, 38, get into a tiff while Greg cooked dinner for the family.

Attempting to feed the couple's youngest child, newborn Margot, Billie was met with difficulty when the hot tap appeared to break, as she told Greg: "That's not working now."

When Greg came over to help, the tap appeared to be working, causing Billie to remark: "We it wasn't working a second ago, I know how to use it. I use it every day."

With frustrations continuing to run high Greg asked his wife how she wanted her fish cooked, to which she responded "I don't care."

"You do care, cause you'll moan" responded Greg, adding: "Don't make things stressful, just say yes or now."

The row worsened as Billie walked over to where Greg was cooking, accidentally stepping on his toes, to which he said: "You just stepped on my foot, use your words, excuse me" before telling her to "learn some manners."

Not backing down, Billie replied: "Someone's had a glass of wine and gotten a bit lairy" as Greg said: "Clearly you've had a bit to drink you're treading on people's toes."

As the family sat down to dinner the pair appeared to make-up, adding in a VT: "It's like all families, there's nights where you do have tension and you bicker, we're tired, you know but at the end of the day we do always kiss and make up."

Earlier in the episode, Billie became emotional as she talked to her mum Suzie about adapting to being a family-of-five, following the arrival of her and Greg's youngest child Margot.

When Suzie asked if five-year-old Arthur had been struggling with the new arrival, Billie became teary as she replied: "Arthur, a million per cent. I think we all kinda expected it", as she became teary, Suzie got up to hug her daughter.

Billie continued: "Every time I talk about it I do get emotional, I think it's because with Arthur, he's definitely more challenging."

In a VT Billie added: "I hate the thought of him [Arthur] being upset and that's making me upset."


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