'Grey's Anatomy' Fans Are Pissed About [SPOILER] Dying, but Their Reactions on Twitter Are Hilarious

[There are major spoilers ahead for last night’s Grey’s Anatomy. If you’ve somehow avoided spoilers thus far, hop out of this story!]

Just when you think you might be able to watch one stinking episode of Grey’s Anatomy without a box of tissues at the ready, the show smacks you in the face to prove you wrong. Last night’s mid-season premiere came with a shocking death that fans did not see coming, and people are so thrown off and so devastated that the reactions to the death on Twitter are actually… kind of funny?

If you missed the episode, here’s a quick recap: Andrew DeLuca and his sister Carina decided, in the mid-season finale in December, to go after someone DeLuca realized was trafficking young women. It tied up a storyline from the previous season, when DeLuca had a hunch about the trafficking, but no one believed him. So when we see them in this episode, they are in full-on “find the bad guy” mode. During the confrontation, DeLuca was stabbed.

The doctors at Grey Sloan were able to operate on him successfully and it seemed that he was in the clear. But this is Grey’s, so nothing is as it seems obviously. DeLuca ending up dying later in the episode. And the fans promptly lost their shit.

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