Happy Mean Girls Day! See the Cast Then & Now

Cady Heron

Best known for: Being the new girl in school who went bad before going good again. And for telling Aaron Samuels it’s October 3rd.

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Lindsay Lohan

Mean Girls launched Lohan into mega-fame, and though she scored several roles after her turn as Cady, she made even more headlines for her bad behavior. Most recently, she’s lived abroad in London and Greece, and has been quarantining in Dubai.

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Regina George

Best known for: The most popular, most terrifying girl in school, half a virgin who wears pink on Wednesdays.

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Rachel McAdams

She’s been in everything from The Notebook and Wedding Crashers to True Detective and Spotlight, for which she earned an Oscar nomination. She’s also mom to her two-year-old son with boyfriend Jamie Linden, and is currently pregnant with her second child.

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Karen Smith

Best known for: Having ESPN.

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Amanda Seyfried

Like McAdams, Seyfried is a mom, welcoming a daughter with husband Thomas Sadoski in 2017 and a son in September 2020. She’s kept busy in Hollywood, too, with a long run on Big Love, leading roles in the Mamma Mia! movies and a Screen Actors Guild Awards-nominated party in Les Misérables.

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Gretchen Wieners

Best known for: Trying to make “fetch” happen.

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Lacey Chabert

Chabert retreated from the spotlight a bit after Mean Girls, opting for TV movie and voiceover work. She also became a mom; she and her husband had daughter Julia in 2016.

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Ms. Norbury

Best known for: The empathetic teacher who asks her students to “stop calling each other sluts and whores.” And IRL, the one who wrote the screenplay.

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Tina Fey

Fey brought Mean Girls to Broadway, and even scored a Tony nomination for her work (and cast herself as a lead in a hilarious SNL spoof). She’s kept busy writing, producing and acting on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, too.

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Mrs. George

Best known for: Not being like a regular mom, but a cool mom to Regina.

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Amy Poehler

Poehler remained on SNL through 2010, moving on to NBC’s beloved Parks and Recreation afterward. Most recently, she hosted the reality competition show Making It with Parks costar Nick Offerman.

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Mrs. Heron

Best known for: Being the supportive, if not oblivious, mom to Cady.

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Ana Gasteyer

A former SNL star, too, Gasteyer continued to work in TV (most recently The Goldbergs) and starred in the Chicago production of Broadway’s Wicked.

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Mr. Duvall

Best known for: Mispronouncing “Cady” and telling Coach Carr to step away from the underage girls.

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Tim Meadows

He’s kept busy in the TV world since Mean Girls, most recently on The Goldbergs and as himself on Funny You Should Ask.

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Best known for: Being “too gay to function” (but it’s only okay when Janis says that). It should also be noted he makes an excellent Santa Claus, and is the originator of “Four for you Glen Coco! You go Glen Coco!”

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Daniel Franzese

Franzese went on to star in Looking, Recovery Road and Conviction, and split from his fiancé, Joseph Bradley Phillips.

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Janis Ian

Best known for: Being Regina George’s best friend up until eighth grade when Regina started spreading rumors that Janis was a lesbian. She was also the original choreographer for the “Jingle Bell Rock” performance, and her legacy would live on through numerous Winter Talent Shows.

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Lizzy Caplan

In real life, Janis Ian is a total babe, as we frequently see Caplan stun on the red carpet for her acting roles in Masters of Sex, and Now You See Me 2.

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Aaron Samuels

Best known as: Regina George’s man candy, who looks sexy with his hair pushed back. On October 3rd, he asked what day it was. Two weeks later, he observed that it was raining.

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Jonathan Bennett

These days, Bennett still looks sexy with his hair pushed back, and has had recurring guest-roles on shows like Veronica Mars and All My Children. He also made it to week 6 on Dancing with the Stars season 19. In addition, he was among the original stars who appeared in the epic Mean Girls tribute scene in the 2018 Ariana Grande video for “thank u, next.”

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Crying Girl

Best known for: Being very upset that her classmates can’t just get along like they used to in middle school and wishes she could bake a cake made out rainbows and smiles and we’d all eat and be happy. She doesn’t even go here, but just has a lot of feelings.

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Jill Morrison

Morrison actually looks quite lovely when she’s not bawling her eyes out over high school drama, and was also in the 2014 film Big Eyes.

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Best known as: A member of the varsity jock clique who went to a party at Regina’s house with Gretchen Weiners, but then went to the mall with Taylor Wedell. He also asked Cady Heron if her muffin is buttered, and ended up being told to shave his back.

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Daniel Desanto

DeSanto has also had some notable voice roles in The Magic School Bus, the Beyblade series and Totally Spies.

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Bethany Byrd

Best known for: That one time Regina punched her in the face (and it was awesome). She also saw Cady Heron wearing army pants and flip-flops, so she bought army pants and flip-flops.

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Stefanie Drummond

She’s still working as an actress and appeared in Spotlight — and hopefully still wears her army pants and flip-flops.

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Kevin Gnapoor

Best known as: Kevin G, Bad-Ass M.C. He may be a mathlete, so nerd is inferred, but forget what you heard, he’s like James Bond the third.

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Rajiv Surendra

Kevin G is now what Damian would call a “regulation hottie.” Surendra has a calligraphy company called Letters in Ink and a pretty cool career as a chalkboard artist.

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Lea Edwards

Best known for: Being impressed that Regina has two Fendi purses and a silver Lexus, as well as for wearing a skirt that was her mom’s in the ’80s — it’s vintage and so adorable, but in reality, the “ugliest f-ing skirt” that Regina has ever seen. She also gets her hair soaked by a sprinkler and it’s the worst thing to ever happen to her.

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Alisha Morrison

Her Instagram bio says #UnfriendlyBlackHottie, so she’s clearly still as obsessed with the movie as we are.

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Shane Oman

Best known for: Secretly hooking up with Regina while she was dating Aaron — and then being her rebound after they broke up. He’s the Spring Fling King and also a Kalteen Bar truther.

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Diego Klattenhoff

Mean Girls was only the beginning for Klattenhoff, who had roles on Homeland and Mercy, and currently stars as FBI Agent Donald Ressler in The Blacklist.

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Emma Gerber

Best known for: Saying that Regina George is flawless, and later, being awarded a small chunk of the Spring Fling Queen crown (her hairdo must have taken hours and she looked really pretty). At lunch she sits with “girls who eat their feelings.”

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Jan Caruana

She later reunited with Rachel McAdams when both were in the 2009 film The Time Traveler’s Wife, in which she played a nurse.

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Amber D’Alessio

Best known for: Making out with a hot dog, but it was only one time! She’s also heard that Regina does car commercials — in Japan.

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Julia Chantrey

Amber D’Alessio is all grown up and definitely wouldn’t be sitting at the “burnouts” table in the cafeteria anymore. Chantrey most recently had a small role in The Handmaid’s Tale in 2019.

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