Harry Styles Eternals spin-off movie backed by Marvel star – ‘Roll the dice’

Marvel Studios’ Eternals trailer

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Eternals was not received well by critics or fans when it was released. But the post-credits scene in the Marvel movie welcomed a brand new character to the fold – and he had a massive connection to Thanos.

Former One Direction star Styles beamed into the Eternals’ ship before announcing he was Thanos’ brother, Eros – otherwise known as Starfox.

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Starfox strutted onto the spaceship alongside his small gremlin-looking pal, Pip the Troll, to introduce himself and offer help to the aliens. Since then, The SRP Report has claimed Styles is working on being welcomed back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a “solo project”.

The report said it could be either a film or a Disney Plus TV series – both of which are possible.

Now, Patton Oswalt, the actor behind Pip the Troll, has opened up about how well this would translate to the big screen.

Oswalt confessed he had not initially heard the rumours about Styles’ solo project. However, he added it would be “amazing” if it were true.

“Because,” he explained. “It just seems to me that every time Marvel has rolled the dice on these kinds of B or C-level characters that everyone’s like: ‘Oh, who cares about them?’ That’s where they end up kind of really blossoming.” (sic)

Oswalt cited Guardians of the Galaxy as a lesser-known group of heroes that are now universally loved. And he thinks the same could happen with Styles at the helm of a new hero in the MCU.

Don't Worry Darling: Harry Styles stars in movie trailer

Oswalt continued: “I think those are fantastic and very, very underrated in terms of a Marvel and capturing the spirit of those times. So if they did a movie about Starfox and Pip, that would be … Those would be dice I’d like to roll. Why not?”

Further rumours suggested last year that Styles had actually signed a five-movie contract deal with Marvel, so his future as the space-dwelling hero could be a long one.

It’s no surprise that Styles is likely to continue his tenure in the MCU considering how he is building up his acting portfolio.

Styles only had his first acting gig back in 2017’s Dunkirk, but his roles have expanded exponentially ever since. After Eternals, Styles started filming Don’t Worry Darling. In it, he acts alongside Black Widow star Florence Pugh while being directed by his long-term partner, Olivia Wilde.

The mystery thriller is due out later this year on September 23.

Styles is also starring in the sexually charged My Policeman from Amazon Prime Video.

In the movie, Styles plays a closeted police officer in 1950s Brighton who becomes confused when he begins falling for another man – despite already being married to a woman.

In the Michael Grandage-directed picture Styles is sure to be getting hot and heavy in this passionate drama.

My Policeman is due to hit cinemas on October 21, 2022.

Eternals is available to watch on Disney Plus now.


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