HBO Just Dropped the Trailer for 'the Case Against Adnan Syed' and It Looks Intriguing

HBO has finally dropped a new teaser for their much-anticipated
true crime documentary The Case Against
Adnan Syed
. The soon-to-premier story will be told in four parts and will
attempt to pick apart the case of Adnan Syed and the 1999 murder he is accused
of committing.

While Syed has been sitting in jail for nearly two decades
following his conviction, the world has been tuned into his case since 2014
when Serial, a
podcast that investigated his trial and conviction, hit podcasting apps
around the world. Not only did Serial
bring light to Syed’s case, but it also changed the
true crime genre.

While Serial
wrapped their coverage of Adnan after the 2014 season, the attention the case
garnered has not wavered. Now Syed is set for a new trial and the world is
waiting with bated breath.

When does The Case
Against Adnan Syed

HBO has been releasing teasers and information about their
new, four-part documentary series for months, but they kept the premiere date
under wraps, that is until now. HBO has announced that The
Case Against Adnan Syed
will premier on March 10, 2019.

The documentary series attempts to take a fresh look at the
case that was made famous by Serial, a podcast that investigated the 1999
murder of a high school senior in Maryland. At the time that Serial premiered, the case seemed open
and shut. Shortly after Hae Min Lee’s body was found, police arrested and
charged her ex-boyfriend with the crime.

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THE CASE AGAINST ADNAN SYED, a four-hour documentary series, is coming soon to HBO.

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Adnan Syed, the ex-boyfriend in question, was found guilty and off he went to jail. That’s where the story would usually end, but a family friend, Rabia Chaudry, has continued to push for the case to be reinvestigated. With allies in investigative reporter Sarah Koenig, and producer Julie Snyder, Chaudry was able to bring the story to a mainstream audience through the Serial podcast.

Now, HBO is going to take a crack at the case. Building on
the work Koenig completed, director Amy Berg will explore the facts and see if
she can come to any further conclusions.

Is Adnan Syed still in jail?

While Sarah Koenig’s work on Serial helped to move the case against Syed forward for appeal, he
remains in prison. While Syed was granted a new trial, and his conviction was
overturned after a hearing in 2016, the entire case has stalled in recent
months. According to Rolling
, it will likely be another year before Syed faces a new judge.

While Syed waits, he must remain in prison, with the rest of
his life hanging in the balance. A new trial was granted on the grounds of
incompetent legal representation and the discovery of evidence that Syed may
have had an alibi for the day Hae Min Lee was murdered.

While he waits, his legal team has continued to comb through
evidence and breakdown the prosecution’s case from 20 years ago. The
prosecution’s case rested almost entirely on statements made by an acquaintance
of Syed and gossip about the nature of Lee and Syed’s troubled relationship.

What is going to make The
Case Against Adnan Syed
different from Serial?

While some fans of Serial
are excited to see more about the Adnan Syed case, others are concerned that
the documentary will do little to advance the case one way or another. According
to Vice, however, the HBO
documentary will be markedly different from the podcast.

Not only does the documentary have the goal of exploring the murder and investigation in four, easy to digest parts, but they will also be paying much closer attention to Lee. Critics of Serial argued that the podcaster got so wrapped up in Syed that she made Lee a supporting character in her own murder. HBO plans to delve more deeply into Lee and the impact that her death had on those closest to her.

The HBO trailer also teases new information. Perhaps the
documentary will uncover new information, or maybe they’ll just pick up where Koenig
left off. You’ll have to tune in to find out.

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