‘He had a row with the BBC’ Prince William snubs BAFTAs in major blow for BBC

Lorraine discusses Prince William missing the BAFTAs

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Speaking on ITV’s Lorraine, Russell explained Prince William’s decision not to attend the BAFTA awards on Sunday as he explored the rumours surrounding the snub. The royal editor suggested the royal’s choice was because he’d “had a row” with the broadcaster following the Martin Bashir scandal.

Lorraine Kelly explained to viewers: “This weekend, [for] Prince William you’d expect both of them to get their glad rags on and be at the BAFTAs, whether that feels trivial at this point in time – it probably does.

“And he’s not going to be there apparently!”

Russell replied: “He isn’t! And you know there’s a bit of language involved in this, some people are calling it a snub, depends what side of the fence you’re on.”

He added: “However, as president of BAFTA, one would’ve expected Prince William to be there.

“Now some of my colleagues at the Mirror have revealed today that they’ve spoken to people at the BAFTAs who were rather disappointed.

“The big show is going to be on Sunday on the BBC, and potentially was it to do with the fact he’s had a row with the BBC?

“[With] the Martin Bashir scandal recently.

“[Also] the film Spencer was potentially going to be nominated – there was a lot of noise around that.”

Explaining the royal’s official reason, Russell added: “For their credit, the Palace are saying it’s diary constraints, so they must be doing something on Sunday night a bit more important because they won’t be there.

“But I am told he’s going to be delivering a video message.

“But yeah, slightly disappointing because it’s the first time in two years everyone is getting back together.”

“Maybe he does feel it’s sort of inappropriate,” Lorraine suggested.

She joked: “Or maybe he’s watching Dancing On Ice? It’s the semi-finals!”

The two also discussed the royals’ approach to talking to children about the Ukraine crisis.

After exploring the Duke and Duchess’ support for the invaded country, Russell commented: “They revealed they’ve had to choose their language carefully about how to speak to children.

“He [William] said ‘I choose my words carefully about what’s going on.’

“That’s one of the major issues that we’re having at the moment, about how to explain to children what’s going on.”

“And their children are still very young,” Lorraine pointed out.

“But they still know what’s going on and children ask questions.

“This is great that they did this because it brings attention to what’s going on and hopefully helps other people as well.”

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