'He was a bit taken aback!' – Mum and daughter attend First Dates Ireland restaurant together

Meeting the parents is usually not done on the first date – but that was exactly the case for the first ever mum and daughter pair to appear on First Dates Ireland.

The first episode of the dating show’s new series airs tonight.

Delia O’Malley (23) persuaded her mum Amy (52) to sign up for the show when she was filling in the form.

“My mum is single and I asked her would she consider going on it, and she said she thought it’d be fun,” she said.

“So I said it to the producers and they said, ‘We love it’.”


It’s not the first time Delia had thought about trying out the unconventional way of finding love, signing up two seasons ago before pulling out.

“I was kind of seeing someone but that didn’t work out,” she told the Herald.

“Then they called this year and I said yes because I had regretted cancelling.”

She described her mum as her “best friend” and said the pair got ready together ahead of heading to the First Dates restaurant.

Delia said that while her mum didn’t cramp her style, she thought Amy’s presence might have thrown off her date, Cian (23), from Drogheda.

She said when she went to the bathroom to have a conflab mid-date with her mum and gossip about their men, Cian was left red-faced when he had to ask the waitress to remind him of Delia’s name.

“Because mum was there when I met him he was probably taken aback by that so I didn’t blame him,” she said, laughing.

“It was so enjoyable. Mum and I don’t take ourselves too seriously and we said if anything, we would go for a drink if it didn’t work out on the dates.”

Amy was matched with romantic Donie (56), from Wexford.

Tune in to RTE Two at 9.30pm tonight to see if the couples were lucky in love.

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