Here's the One Secret Quincy Fouse Can't Reveal About MG on Legacies

Between his new school and his new side hustle as a supernatural vigilante, Legacies‘ Milton “MG” Greasley has a lot on his plate at the moment, even for a vampire.

So here’s our question: Where does everyone’s favorite nerdy bloodsucker rest his overworked head at night? After all, Josie is crashing with none other than Damon and Dr. Elena Salvatore, so it’s entirely possible that MG is sharing a roof with another Vampire Diaries favorite. And we’re even more curious after posing our burning question to Quincy Fouse.

“I don’t think I’m allowed to say on that one,” MG’s portrayer tells TVLine. “I’ll plead the fifth and keep my job, but I will say that [Josie living with the Salvatores] was a wonderful little Easter egg, right?”

(Answering a question with a question, eh? Consider us intrigued.)

One thing Fouse can talk about, however, is MG’s impending team-up with Lizzie on Thursday’s episode (The CW, 9/8c). Armed with the knowledge that Finch is actually a werewolf — something she chose not to share with her sister — Lizzie enlists MG’s help as she attempts to figure out what to do about Josie’s new crush.

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“They will definitely encounter some perilous situations, but you can have faith in MG and Lizzie as a team,” Fouse says. “They’ve made it through some tough times throughout the show.” As for any lingering sparks between them, “MG definitely still feels the chemistry with Lizzie, but they’ve also really matured, and they realize that there are more pressing matters. It really is a roll-the-dice situation. Will they give in to what they’re feeling for one another, or will they be adults in this situation? Every new moment with them is a toss-up.”

Where do you think MG has been crashing in Mystic Falls? And are you still holding out hope for him and Lizzie? Drop a comment with your thoughts on all things Legacies below.

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