Holly Willoughby in hysterics as Phillip Schofield swears after blunder ‘B****y hell!’

Phillip Schofield gets caught checking weather on his phone

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This Morning went awry on Tuesday when Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield got the giggles during the show. Holly couldn’t help but laugh when her co-host was caught swearing and checking his phone live on-air. After swiftly realising his mistake, Phillip confessed he was looking at his home central heating via an app on his mobile.

As an item on Christmas fashion came to an end Phillip could be heard exclaiming: “B****y hell it’s only 12 degrees in my conservatory!”

It was clear the presenter was unaware his microphone was live and the fashion segment had concluded.

Holly attempted to ignore her co-star’s blunder at first, saying: “Nice, loads of things there on the list.

“A cashmere scarf for you, that’d be nice wouldn’t it?”

However, as she turned to her co-host, Holly quickly realised he was attempting to hold back laughter.

Holly remarked: “Did you just get busted looking at the weather? I mean, if you look down there he’s actually kicking his phone across the floor.”

“I’m kicking it because…” Phillip began, attempting to explain himself.

However, Holly continued: “I mean, to be fair it was a ladies fashion item. There wasn’t much for you in that.”

“Yes, but also, I looked at the weather and thought, ‘Oh, I bet it’s cold, I’ll turn the heating on,’” Phillip confessed, sending his co-star into hysterics.

“So, I was turning the heating on and I said as it finished ‘Oh my god it’s only 12 degrees in the conservatory’,” the presenter explained.

“That’s amazing!” Holly laughed. “Are you back with us now?”

Holding up his phone to show the viewers at home, Phillip revealed: “I’ve just set it for 24 degrees to warm up for when I get in.”

“That’s going to be hot!” Holly replied, before attempting to continue with the show.

The blunder didn’t go unnoticed by viewers who quickly took to Twitter to comment on Phillip’s slip-up.

“B****y hell it’s only 12 degrees in @Schofe’s conservatory. Not sure we were meant to hear that! #ThisMorning,” @Mabel_Mouse_ commented.

“Language Phil #ThisMorning,” @Christopher_T42 said.

“We all know what you actually said Phil #ThisMorning,” @Pickitflickit wrote.

“B****y hell it’s only 12 degrees in my conservatory, says Phil. Quick turn the heat up lol!! #Thismorning,” @coxyhockeychick added.

@Inscarll remarked: “I didn’t know ‘Omg’ sounded like b****y hell #ThisMorning.”

This Morning airs weekdays at 11:10am on ITV.

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