Holly Willoughby red-faced as she’s caught messaging pal live on This Morning

This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby was caught messaging her friend live on air on Tuesday.

The 39-year-old star was left red-faced as the ITV daytime show returned from an ad break while she was texting her pal about purchasing a kingsize bed.

Holly and her co-host Phillip Schofield, 58, were left in hysterics as they discussed the blonde beauty's live television mishap.

A giggling Holly explained: "I'm trying to order a kingsize bed and I could hear the countdown coming back from a break."

Phillip added: "Tell them what happened."

"I was trying to type out kingsize but something else came up," Holly explained.

"I can't say it on television."

Phillip insisted: "You can say it."

"I can't," Holly replied.

A voice off-camera, which was later revealed to be Alison Hammond, could be heard saying "kiss bottom."

Holly said: "Yes it came out as kiss bottom, but not bottom the A-word instead.

"Thank you Alison Hammond."

Phillip reassured viewers: "Holly wasn't on a bed company website."

Holly added: "No I was just messaging a friend."

The laughter between the dynamic duo didn't end there as Holly nearly made an unfortunate slip-up.

Introducing the next item on the show, Holly said: "We've got Phil Vickery on the show talking Yorkshire Curd Tarts.

"Oh gosh, you've got to be careful how we say that. You can't say that the wrong way around."

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