Hollyoaks spoilers for next week – infatuation, a break-up and more baby horror

Hollyoaks is a tough place at the moment for Darren and Mandy, who are still struggling to work as a couple.

After Mandy found out some sad truths about their baby, how will she cope when she and Darren disagree on how best they can help their child?

Also this week, Mercedes and Liam’s affair finally comes out – but how will Lisa react after she and Liam have also become pretty intimate?

Here’s what’s coming up in the ‘oaks.

Horror for Darren as infatuated schoolgirl tries to trap him

In and amongst Darren Osborne and Mandy Richardson’s difficult issues with their baby, a schoolgirl who fancies Darren is set to wreak havoc over his life by doing something as simple as taking a selfie.

First, Juliet, Brooke and Ollie are set the task of writing poems about each other for school, but Juliet annoys them so much that Ollie snaps and tells her to leave.

Darren feels bad for her and so tries to cheers her up, helping them all with their poems before they have to go back to school.

As they are handing them in, Brooke sees Juliet keep the poem Darren wrote about Ollie and put it in her pocket, so Brooke becomes convinced that Juliet fancies Ollie.

After spotting a drunken Darren asleep on the sofa, the besotted teen takes a selfie with him, hoping to keep it safe for her own collection.

Despite the horrendous argument the day before, Brooke is convinced Juliet has a crush on Ollie, so she confronts her.

Ollie tells Juliet that it will only take one more thing for Darren and Mandy to split up, so she prints off the selfie of her and sleeping Darren, and pushes it under Mandy and Ollie’s door, in the hope she may be the next person on her list.

Later, Darren gives Juliet a diary as a belated birthday present, and she is still obsessed with him.

Mandy and Darren are trying to find a temporary waitress at The Hutch, so Ollie helps Juliet write her CV.

Darren calls the reference, but catches Ollie in his bedroom on the other end of the call.

But why is Ollie trying to help Juliet after all she has done?

Mandy turns to an unlikely person for help with baby discovery

Mandy finds out some terrible news about her baby, she decides to speak to Luke to get some advice about her baby – especially as she has no idea whether the baby is his or Darren’s.

First, Mandy discovers she is eligible for the operation on her unborn child to minimise the symptoms of spina bifida.

But when she goes to talk to Darren about it, he believes the operation will be too risky, and doesn’t want her to have it.

The pair don’t seem to be getting on well, and when at the end of her tether, she visits Luke for advice.

But what will he say in response to her worries?

Later, Mandy and Darren have a shocking argument, each wanting what they think is best for the baby, whether or not they can agree on what that is.

Then, after Juliet teases Brooke and tells her that her autism is a curse, Mandy finds Brooke crying outside, and makes her feel better.

She tells Brooke is wonderful exactly how she is, and the pair talk about what it’s like to have autism and the baby’s diagnosis.

Will Brooke be able to help Mandy think more clearly?

Oscar suffers from stagefright

After the teens have written their poems, Nancy surprises Kyle and reads a poem she wrote for him.

Later, Nancy has organised a disability awareness day at The Bean, and Oscar is performing in the choir, but before the show starts, Oscar is struck with stage fright.

Will he finish the performance?

Later, Kyle agrees to take Oscar to school. He doesn’t know what to do when Oscar wants to stay at home, so he takes him on a day out instead.

Liam and Mercedes’ affair discovered

Martine comes home early and finds Lisa lazing on the couch. Lisa tells Martine that she left her laptop at Liam’s, so Martine convinces her to go get it.

Mercedes hides upstairs whilst Lisa storms in. With Mercedes hiding, Liam invites Lisa on a date the following day to stop her searching the whole place for her laptop.

Lisa turns up at Liam’s ready for lunch, but he tells cancels on her. Martine gets a mysterious text, saying that everything is ready for tomorrow.

Joel sees Mercedes coming out of The Loft and tells her to stay away from Liam as he’s a bad influence. He puts white feathers in Liam’s fancy new car to scare him.

Liam turns up at The Dog flat with more champagne, to party with Mercedes.

Liam storms in to the McQueens and threatens Sylver, revealing that he and Mercedes are sleeping together, but later Mercedes dumps Liam, so he goes to Lisa for comfort.

Martine’s family arrives

Mitchell Deveraux arrives with his granddad Walter and announce they’re moving into the Price Slice flat with Martine.

Lisa’s not best pleased and tells them she’s moving out.

Hollyoaks airs weekdays at 7pm on E4.

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