Hollyoaks spoilers: Heartwarming moment Mitchell finally comes out to mum Martine explained

MITCHELL Deveraux finally comes out as gay to his mum Martine after discovering that his ex Scott has moved on with Azim.

The doctor’s battles with his sexuality got in the way of his romance with Scott but will Mitchell’s mum give him the courage he needs to win Scott back before it’s too late? Here’s the lowdown on Mitchell’s coming out storyline…

Why did Scott and Mitchell break up in Hollyoaks?

Scott eventually ended things with Mitchell after he refused to go public with their relationship.

Sick of being Mitchell’s secret, Scott decided to call things off despite still having feelings for the doctor.

Hollyoaks fans will know that their relationship was shrouded in secrecy right from the very start – and destined to fail for that reason.

Mitchell began orchestrating his romance with Scott while still dating Cleo McQueen.

The crane crash outed his secret to Cleo when he and Scott were caught under the debris mid romp.

Cleo put two and two together and demanded that Mitchell choose between her and Scott, but Mitchell admitted to Cleo that he had been hiding his sexuality.

In front of Cleo he said: “You, Scott, you’re funny and kind and smart and beautiful and real… I love you and I want you. You as you are, no costume no disguise no wig no you. You as you are."

However, ending things with Cleo wasn’t the end of Scott and Mitchell’s strife as the doctor continued to put off telling his family about his new relationship.

When does Mitchell come out to his mum Martine in Hollyoaks?

In the time that has passed since Scott broke up with Mitchell, Scott has wasted little time in romancing Azim.

In upcoming episodes they’re set to arrange another date – and Mitchell is devastated when he spots them kissing.

Mitchell lashes out and accuses Scott of using Azim to make him jealous, but Scott makes clear that’s not the case at all.

Martin realises her son isn’t acting himself and begs him to tell her what’s up.

But Mitchell ends up taking his anger out on her as well.

With the anger off his chest, Mitchell eventually tells her that he’s gay and that he's ruined things with Scott.



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Do Mitchell and Scott get back together?

After Mitchell tells her what's troubling him in Hollyoaks, Martine says some wise words and advises her son that life is too short to miss out on what you want.

Will Mitchell be able to win Scott back before it’s too late?

Hollyoaks are yet to confirm whether the lovers will make it back into each other’s arms and fans will have to wait to find out.

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