Hollyoaks star Joe Tracini shares important message after suicidal thoughts

Hollyoaks star Joe Tracini has opened up about his struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts during lockdown and urged everyone who suffers with similar to talk to someone, assuring that it does help to speak out.

Joe has regularly spoken out about his mental health journey, which has benefited his many followers. His candid honesty about his demons as well as his inspirational and practical advice on ways of coping have helped countless people.

In his latest video, he shared: ‘If you’re like me, and you’re thinking about killing yourself, please don’t. Please wait. You will remember how it feels to feel something else.

‘If you’ve got friends or family, tell one of them. I know it’s not an easy thing to say or hear, but I know that my family would rather me tell them that I’m thinking about killing myself than try to.’

In a video of him standing in the countryside, Joe opened up about his recent struggles and how the slightest of changes to his usual routine had prompted the urge to take his own life.

However, he went on to say that the feeling dwelled with him for a number of hours, but his opening up about it eased it.

Throughout lockdown, Joe has been sharing videos with his fans both about mental health and showing off some very unique (and quite tricky, trust me and my bruised knee) dance routines to pull off.

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