How old is John Craven, how many kids does the Countryfile and Newsround presenter have and who's his wife Marilyn?

But what else do we know about him, when did he present the shows, and who's he married to? Let's get the lowdown on him…

How old is John Craven?

John Craven was born in Leeds, Yorkshire, on August 16, 1940 – that makes him 78.

He attended Leeds Modern School, but left at the age of 16 to begin an apprenticeship at Yorkshire Copperworks, where he write for the company magazine.

He kick off his career with the BBC in 1970 with stints in local radio.

When did John Craven present Countryfile and Newsround?

John presented Newsround – which was originally called John Craven's Newsround – from 1972 until 1989.

He started presenting Countryfile in 1989, and he still presents the show to this day.

He presented BBC Two game show series Beat the Brain in May 2015.

Who's his wife Marilyn?

John Craven is married to wife Marilyn Craven, and the pair have two daughters together and five grandchildren.

John and Marilyn live together in Oxfordshire.

The star has previously said he'd thought that he'd be retired by now, but he is reluctant to give up the work he loves.

What's John said about Countryfile?

John recently revealed he thinks Countryfile's success is down to when it is broadcast.

He said: “After what’s probably been a busy weekend, it’s the ideal time to relax and spend a vicarious hour in the countryside.

"There will be sights to lift your heart and moments to cause you concern, but there will be no swearing, no questionable taste and no sex, unless it involves animals at a distance.

"When we transmitted on Sunday mornings we had an unexpected fan club among students slowly coming round after lively Saturday nights.

“We provided a gentle awakening, and one classic video on YouTube showed half-a-dozen of them sprawled bleary-eyed around their digs with me on the television chatting away in some idyllic setting.”

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