Huge error at Monica and Chandler’s wedding – and it changes the whole storyline

Many Friends fans list Monica and Chandler's wedding as one of their all time favourite episodes.

The two-parter from season 7 aired in 2001, offering emotional moments, brilliant gags and of course some very, very exciting baby news.

But the lead up to the wedding wasn't straight forward, and a row over a dress almost led to Chandler missing out on his dream wedding band.

He wanted the Swing Kings to entertain guests on their special day, but when Monica got into a row at the dress shop with another bride they faced a choice.

She booked the band for the day of their wedding, meaning they couldn't have them unless Monica gave up the dress.

After a lot of upset Monica finally decided to sacrifice her dream dress for her future husband, and the Swing Kings were all booked into perform.

So you can imagine everyone's surprise when on the big day the band who were playing weren't actually the Swing Kings.

After all that effort, the band that actually took to the stage were the Jungle Swings.


Well according to some very eagle-eyed fans, the band also played at Barry and Mindy's wedding back in season two.

So what happened to the Swing Kings? Does that mean Monica got the dress in the end?

Or it might might just be an error in the props department. WHO KNOWS.

Fans spotted this a very long time ago, but with show now on Netflix more and more people are starting to spot it.

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