Hunter kills again as he returns to EastEnders?

Hunter Owen (Charlie Winter) was sentenced to life imprisonment in EastEnders for the part he played in the death of Ray Kelly (Sean Mahon), but with the young lad having escaped prison, will he return to Walford to seek retribution on those that put him behind bars?

Mel (Tamzin Outhwaite) was left devastated when she learned that Hunter had absconded from prison. With the young man now in Walford, the E20 manager is on tenterhooks, and — in upcoming episodes — she does everything she can to keep him hidden from prying eyes, while also making every effort to keep his spirits up.

Matters are complicated further, as news of Hunter’s escape becomes the subject of Walford gossip, and Sharon (Letitia Dean), Billy (Perry Fenwick) and Ben (Max Bowden) stop Mel on her way to work to offer her their support.

Mel grows more and more paranoid as she heads back to Hunter, but she bumps into Jack (Scott Maslen) — who notices that she’s upset. As a result, he offers her some comfort — but ends up putting his foot in it!

Things then go from bad to worse when Mel has a visit from the police — and they bring with them some shocking news.

What does Mel learn from the police? What’s more, how does it tie in to Hunter’s escape? Is there perhaps more to his escape attempt than he’s currently letting on?

Of course, the biggest question here is: what exactly is it that’s brought Hunter back to the Square? Is he simply seeking his mum’s help in laying low? Or is there a more sinister reason he’s returned?

Could he perhaps seek revenge on Jack for not only the part the former copper played in his arrest, but also for putting his foot in it earlier? Or is there someone else he’s intent on seeking revenge on?

If there’s one thing we learned from Hunter during his time in Walford, it’s that he’s a little unhinged, so could he have a dark motive for returning home? Could someone else die as a result of his actions?

One to watch: Thursday 28th August at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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