'I am feeling a million dollars' – dance judge Julian bounces back after two week hospital stay

Julian Benson has said he is feeling “better than ever” since returning to his judge’s chair on Dancing With The Stars, after being admitted to St Vincent’s Hospital for two weeks.

He has cystic fibrosis but said the condition is not holding him back as he gets back into his daily routine.

“I am feeling a million dollars. I took a little break, a sojourn in Casa St Vincent’s, I just needed to recharge the batteries and I’m back with a bang, feeling better than ever,” he told the Herald.

“I just go in, it’s routine, you go in and do what you have to do, and come out and get back to life.”

He returned to the RTE show on Sunday evening, which was a particularly emotional night in the studio as contestant and actor Johnny Ward lost his father to cancer over the weekend.

Julian said Johnny’s performance on Sunday showed true professionalism, with the star dancing from the heart during his samba.

“Everybody was feeling for Johnny on the night. He was a true professional and he came in, got on with it, focused on the dance and danced like a superstar,” said Julian.

“He danced from the heart and it showed his emotions.

“He danced one of the hardest dances, the samba, a really tricky dance.

“He had the pressure of doing the hardest dance and what happened to his father, but he brought it to the floor.”

Meanwhile, the judge, who is famed for his signature sparkly suits, which have earned him a spot on the Peter Mark VIP Style Awards nominations list, said the show seemed to be a ratings hit due to the high-quality production of the programme.

“I think it’s the whole spectacle, the lights, the sets, the characters, the costumes, the dances – it is like an audio visual feast for the eyes,” he said.

“I also think it’s because we are taking non-dancers and turning them into dance stars, from the ugly duckling into the swan.”

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