I can't name a funny woman, teases Ricky Gervais

OUTSPOKEN comic Ricky Gervais is inviting trouble in a new stand-up routine — by claiming he can’t name one funny woman.

The Office creator, 60, pokes fun at sitcom star Miranda Hart and says the only “females” that make him laugh are Dame Edna Everage and Eddie Izzard.

Dame Edna is an alter ego of Aussie comedian Barry Humphries, 87, while Eddie, 59 describes himself as gender-fluid.

Free speech defender Ricky made the comment at a warm up gig for a tour next month.

He said: “What about all funny female comedians . . . ?

“In real life I know there are loads of funny women. Like, um . . .  No, but there are . . .  Dame Edna Everage.

“Eddie Izzard. She’s funny. She’s not only a great comedienne she’s also a great actress. He was, she was brilliant as that man in that thing.”

He went on: “I got this tweet, ‘Call yourself a comedian?’

“He knows I do. It literally says it in my Twitter bio.” He says the tweet goes on ‘you’re about as funny as . . .’ then adds: “I thought he was going to go for the jugular and say, ‘Miranda’.”

Ricky told the audience he was being ironic.

He also defended actor Liam Neeson, who once confessed to wanting to kill a black man after a someone close to him was raped by a black man.

He said: “I’ve worked with Liam. He’s a lovely man. Definitely not racist.”

He spoke up for US comic Kevin Hart who was blasted over homophobic tweets for which he “can’t keep apologising”.

He said: “He’s right. There’s no value to apologising and growing and moving on.

"He may as well have tweeted them again.”

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