‘I don’t know what to tell them’ Susanna Reid shares concerns for future of three sons

GMB: Susanna expresses concern for the 'education generation'

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Good Morning Britain presenters Susanna Reid and Ben Shepard were joined by Kevin Maguire and Andrew Pierce on Wednesday morning to discuss the impact of coronavirus on children’s education. Former journalist Susanna admitted she didn’t know what to tell her children about what will happen to them and their education in the future.

Starting the conversation, Ben began: “It’s a confusion that we’ve all been through, Susanna and I have been through with our kids.

“The exams and GCSEs and A-levels, we still don’t know what the GCSE set up is going to be this year, and we’re not going to know until October.”

Andrew commented: “Yeah, it’s not acceptable,” and Kevin added: “That is awful, and you think, your kids all the other kids and parents watching it’s ridiculous.

“Utterly, utterly ridiculous,” he exclaimed.

Susanna interjected: “I don’t know what to tell the boys about what to prepare, and of course GCSEs, A-levels and BTECs.

“They were forgotten last year, and there were children going into BTECs earlier in the year because the focus was all on GCSEs and A-levels.

“I just I really really feel for this education generation, for the loss of learning and the instability,” she explained.

Andrew added: “We always talk about the people who died and people who got sick, but it’s been devastating, I think, for the kids.”

Viewers of the show took to Twitter to express their views on the topic, explaining they agreed with what Susanna had said.

One user wrote: “I am completely in agreement with Susanna and her point about not knowing what to tell children! Mine are young and defo don’t understand what’s going on! #GMB.” (sic)

Another added: “Having to tell my children that we have to take every day as it comes, they are so nervous about not being able to go to school again! #GMB.”

“My children are both in their last years of primary and secondary, they’ve suffered enough already, and the uncertainty is worrying me to death! #GMB,” a third posted.

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Someone else continued: “We broke our social contact and moral obligation with them, they have every right to be furious! #GMB.”

However, not all viewers were in agreement with Susanna’s statement, with one user writing: “COVID is NOT stopping children’s education, the government/media is, turn the media off, cancel the government, and this whole thing ends instantly.”

Another added: “Covid has not and did not impact on the children’s education, the government did and has caused all this.”

Elsewhere in the show, was Susanna was left red-faced when she had to apologise for an awkward MP name blunder. 


During the discussion, Susanna got the name of MP Amanda Milling wrong and instead called her Amanda Millman. 

The presenter quickly corrected her mistake and apologised to the politician herself, then moving on the conversation. 

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