'iCarly': Miranda Cosgrove Recreated an Iconic Meme on the Paramount+ Reboot

In the reboot-crazy world of TV these days, Nickelodeon has been a leader in bringing back some of their most popular shows. iCarly is the latest one to get the reboot treatment, and most of the original cast has returned to honor the past and create new memories in the present. One of those nods to the past is visible from the very start of the new iCarly on Paramount+.

Miranda Cosgrove’s famous ‘Drake & Josh’ meme

Miranda Cosgrove first burst on to the scene in 2003 in the iconic Jack Black movie School of Rock. Three years later, she became a star on Nickelodeon as Megan Parker, the conniving younger sister on the classic sitcom Drake & Josh.

One of Megan’s most iconic moments on the show became immortalized as a meme years after Drake & Josh ended. The 2006 episode “Mindy Loves Josh” featured a scene where Megan looked up symptoms of skin diseases on a computer, in hopes to prank her brothers. While reading about the symptoms and treatment options, she took a sip from a soda can, commented “Interesting,” and smiled mischievously.

In the years since then, screenshots of Megan smiling and saying “Interesting” have become reaction memes across all corners of the Internet.

Miranda Cosgrove recreated the ‘interesting’ meme on ‘iCarly’

It’s been 15 years since Drake & Josh first premiered and nearly a decade since iCarly went off the air. But reboots are all about fan service, and Miranda Cosgrove found a way to work her iconic “Interesting” meme into the iCarly revival.

The opening theme of the new iCarly is the same one that Cosgrove herself recorded when the show first premiered on Nickelodeon in 2007. The computer-esque visuals on screen, however, are different, with several funny clips from the show being featured in the opening sequence.

As the theme begins, Cosgrove is seen sitting at a computer holding can of beer, smiling the same devilish smile that Megan made 15 years ago. It’s shown as a clip from her fictitious social media account with the caption, “I’m back!”

Paramount+’s ‘iCarly’ reboot is full of fan service

While the iCarly reboot paid tribute to a moment from Drake & Josh, there’s no shortage of nods to Cosgrove’s beloved late-2000s show. The computer she sits at, for example, is from the Pear brand of electronics — a fake company based on Apple that was first featured in the original series with their ubiquitous PearPhones.

With the move to a streaming service, the new iCarly also pushes boundaries that the original couldn’t push on Nickelodeon. Carly curses at points and is seen drinking alcohol, signaling the kind of audience that Paramount+ aims to capture: fans of the series who are all grown up now.

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