‘I’m so sorry’ Bradley Walsh apologises after ‘cracking’ part of The Chase set

The Chase: Bradley Walsh breaks the set in hilarious moment

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The Chase’s presenter Bradley Walsh got a bit carried away during the classic instalment of the ITV show when a player called Max hoped to make it through to the final with £35,000. Desperate to see Max outrun the Chaser, he smacked part of the set in excitement but ended up “cracking” it. Following the smash, Bradley asked if Max could lend him some money to repair the set if he won the show. 

Contestants Helen, Max, Emma and Jonny were all hoping to walk away with a cash prize on Wednesday’s instalment of The Chase. 

Retired university administrator Helen was the first player to go up against the Chaser after raising an “excellent” £7,000 in her cash-builder round. 

She played him for £7,000 and sailed through to the final ahead of student Max who secured £5,000 in his opening round.  

The Beast offered him to play for £35,000, £5,000 or 500, but Max shocked his teammates by choosing £35,000. 

“All I can say is that he is a gamer, so he will be quick on the button,” Bradley quipped. 

Max and Bradley were soon left on edge when a “tricky” art question came up, with the host adding: “We’re in trouble here.” 

Luckily, Max selected the right answer and The Beast then answered the following question incorrectly, allowing him to remain in the game. 

As the competition heated up, Bradley punched a screen he was leaning on when Max answered a question about English counties correctly.

After smacking the set in exhilaration, Bradley realised he had cracked part of the screen. 

An embarrassed Bradley asked: “I’ve cracked it I am so sorry, do we have a spare?”  

“I can’t believe that’s happened, have we got a spare?”

Looking on at Max, he sheepishly added: “You know when you get your £35,000, can you lend me a couple of quid?”

Explaining his actions, Bradley said: “I get so into the game! As soon as you put Wiltshire [as the answer] I knew it was right. We are three from home, come on Max.” 

Despite Bradley’s enthusiasm, Max was soon caught by Mark and sent home. 

Following Max’s departure, Emma was offered to play for £50,000, £3,000 or minus £1,000, and she chose the middle option. 

She made it through to the final and brought the prize fund up to £10,000.

Johnny, who had “set the show on fire” after playing the Chaser for £65,000, also made it through to the final. 

Emma, Helen and Jonny hoped to walk away with £75,000 which they would split between themselves. 

However, they were eventually caught by Mark and lost out on the prize money. 

The Chase continues on weekdays at 5pm on ITV. 

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