Images show untouched home that's been abandoned since 1995

There’s something fascinating about abandoned houses. 

Some may call it creepy but we think these properties are filled with history and stories of another time. 

It seems uncovering these homes is now a growing hobby, with more and more urban explorers taking to social media to show off their finds. 

And the latest discovery may just be the coolest yet. 

Incredible images have been captured of an untouched home in Inverness, Scotland. Abandoned since 1995, the home is full of pictures and antiques.

A retro living room is captured in one image. The room features an armchair, sofa, lamp and a fireplace. Wallpaper is peeling from the walls and mould is growing on the sofas. 

Meanwhile, another picture shows a shelf bursting with trinkets and mini antiques. A wooden lighthouse, thermometer and porcelain figurines are all items left behind. 

Urban explorers No Limits Urbex from Manchester are behind the Nikon Coolpix p1000 lens on this occasion, and they are documenting their adventures in full on their social channels (@nolimitsurbex).

‘After some extensive land registry research I found this amazing cottage in Scotland so I packed a bag and made the four hour drive,’ says No Limits Urbex of the house find. 

‘Situated on a mountainside in the middle of Scotland this lovely idyllic cottage had been left to decay for the last three decades.

‘After the death of the last remaining family member in 1995 the home was seized by the local authorities so it didn’t fall into disrepair and become an eyesore.’

No Limits Urbex continues: ‘The cottage was built around 1920 and apart from a little bit of interior weather damage it remains largely intact.

‘It was littered with antique quirkiness and everything seemed to have its own place.

‘It had been left in a state of suspended animation with even the wedding pictures still on display.’

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