Inside Gogglebox star Stephen’s incredible Brighton home – including stylish bedroom and the bits you don’t see on TV – The Sun

GOGGLEBOX'S Stephen Webb first appeared on our screens back in 2013 for the first ever episode of the show – and has now become a firm favourite for viewers.

Although the reality star, 47, has let cameras into his stylish living room to film the popular Channel 4 show, he has now given a sneak peek into what else he has inside his amazing Brighton pad with a series of Instagram posts.

Stephen shares his gorgeous home with husband Daniel Lustig and his three poodles – Babs, Princess and Betsey Boo.

The iconic living room boasts an impressive brown leather sofa, a shiny glass coffee table and various pieces of art hung up against the wall.

But it looks like every room in his house is just as stylish as the one he films in.

The kitchen features open shelving so the boys can whip up delicious meals in a flash.

They fashion lovers have a walk-in wardrobe with plenty of storage and mustard yellow seating.

Meanwhile the sitting room as a blue velvet armchair with a matching footstool and a stylish Hermes cushion.

The master bedroom features a huge double bed with pristine white bedding, navy walls and funky lighting.

When Stephen and Daniel aren't relaxing in their humble abode, the pair are hard at work in their hair salon – Lustig and Webb.

The lovebirds tied the knot in July 2018 at Chateau de Lisse in Lot-et-Garonne, France, after getting engaged in 2016.

Although his lover currently stars on the show with him since 2019, Stephen first appeared on the show in 2013 with Chris Ashby-Steed.

Fans of the show were left shocked when Stephen's mum Pat joined him on the sofa instead of his pal back in 2018.

It was later revealed that the pair decided to go their separate ways after a bitter fued.

Back in 2019, Chris shared his side of the story – with he and Stephen initially a couple but remaining friends and agreeing to do the show together after their split.

Speaking to The Mirror, the hairdresser revealed that he had suffered from severe depression since falling out with his friend, and said: "There have been times where I’ve felt so low that I think, ‘How can I kill myself?’"

He went on to reveal that the pair were originally set to leave Gogglebox together after a production company approached them for a separate venture.

However, Chris was left in the lurch when Stephen emailed the studio to terminate the production without consulting his co-star.

Chris continued: "After he sent that email I didn’t speak to him for a little while because I was hurt by it."

He then recalled telling 46-year-old Stephen "I get the impression that I think a lot more of you than you do of me" – and was shocked when the TV star told him that he was "probably right".

Chris went on to claim that Stephen would regularly put him down with snide remarks.

Opening up about how the entire incident affected his mental health, Chris shared: "I’ve felt like a failure, I’ve been depressed, I struggle in social situations, I’m agoraphobic.

"I’m worried about people coming up to me and asking why I left the show.

"I felt I couldn’t tell the truth. I avoid going out now. I’ve been seeing a counsellor every week."

Chris' husband Tony also told the publication that his partner has spoken to him about ending his life since leaving the show – with a spokesperson for the Channel 4 show insisting that "the duty of care of the Gogglebox contributors is of paramount importance."

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