Inside Hollyoaks’ Sarah Jayne Dunn’s Hollywood role – A-list co-stars to big fee

When British actress Sarah Jayne Dunn first graced UK television screens, in the hit soap Hollyoaks as Mandy Richardson, many expected her to go on to much bigger and better things.

Following her success on Hollyoaks, the stunning actress decided to head to the US and pursue her dream of becoming a top Hollywood movie star.

Sure enough, Sarah was given a small break, with a role in the huge 2008 Batman movie The Dark Knight, where she appeared as one of Maroni's mistresses.

Sarah, 39, can also be seen in the movie short Boom in Shot, which was written and directed by passionate movie maker Jez Blackmore.

Along with her work on the British soap, Dunn has appeared in television shows like The Innocence Project, Drop Dead Gorgeous, and Doctors.

As Sarah looks ahead to her milestone 40th birthday, let’s take a look inside the Hollywood role that launched her onto the world stage

Batman: The Dark Knight

Sarah Jayne Dunn portrayed Sal Maroni's Mistress in Blockbuster Batman movie The Dark Knight.

She learned how to speak with an American accent especially for the role.

For some time prior to The Dark Knight's release, Dunn was rumoured to be portraying Harley Quinn.

Asked about her experience walking on the red carpet in Hollywood, Sarah told This Morning presenter Eamonn Holmes: “It was a little bit overwhelming, the whole experience has been so intense. It was something that I really didn’t know how to express my emotions with it.”

And while the sexy starlet only played a small role in the film, she's thankful for the amazing experience and working with Hollywood star Christian Bale.

She said: "I only did a day on the shoot but I got to work with Eric Roberts and Christian Bale and see what it is like on such a big budget film.

"I was made up to even get an audition. It was fantastic to be seen for such a big film, hopefully now it can open some other doors.

“The filming itself and just experiencing something on such a big scale works. It was just fantastic, the film is so incredible. I worked with Christian Bale in the batsuit – which was enough for me."

The star also revealed that Hollywood paid far bigger bucks than the likes on a British telly soap: "I loved it. It is great for the CV to have been there and know how things work on that scale.

"And it was a lot more money, that's the real difference to what I have always been used to.

"It's about getting to meet people so they see me as me, not Mandy. It's nice to say this is me, I am different to the character I played."

Career Highlights

Aside from the Dark Knight, the Manchester-born actress has appeared in a slew of big hits.

In 2007 Dunn had lead roles in the short films Northern Cowboys and Betting in Bars.

In 2011 she played a character called Victoria in a film called Death.

In 2010 Dunn played Sally in the UK regional theatre tour of When Harry met Sally.

Her impressive CV boasts many nominations and awards recognising her achievements.

In 2002 she was a winner at the British Soap Awards in the category of Most Spectacular Scene of the Year for Adam and Mandy's car crash and in 2006 she was nominated at the same awards for Sexiest Female for her role in Hollyoaks, before being nominated for Best Exit in 2007.

Personal Life

The actress tied the knot with Jonathan Smith at a romantic ceremony at The Holford Estate in Cheshire in May 2018.

Sarah admitted she and her husband of three years leave each other "silly notes" around the house.

She revealed: “We leave each other silly notes – that's romance in our house. And gestures like, ‘Oh you put the bins out – brill!’

“For me, that's romance. They're the things that tick my boxes.”

The pair welcomed their son Stanley in 2016.

Along with her acting career, Dunn has also recently taken up an interest in fitness.

She frequently shares her fitness updates on her Instagram page and recently revealed that her body fat percentage has dropped 10 percent.

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