Inside Hollyoaks’ Scott Drinkwell actor Ross Adams’ incredible Manchester home with huge garden and massive grey bed – The Sun

IT'S been a dramatic few weeks onscreen for Hollyoaks' Ross Adams after he narrowly avoided being crushed in the crane collapse and started a secret romance.

However, he has a relaxing sanctuary when he's not filming in the form of the Manchester home he shares with husband Phil.

The couple have been sprucing up their house, with Ross, who plays Scott Drinkwell in the soap, proudly showing off their bedroom earlier this month.

Standing beside a huge grey bed and a large mirror on the wall, he wrote: "A weekend well spent putting the finishing touches to our bedroom.

"All we need now is a nice throw for the bottom of our lovely comfy bed!

"What colour should we go for though? I’m thinking navy blue or mustard? ?."

The pair have remodelled the garden too.

Before and after snaps show the addition of a seating area upon decking and a fresh lawn.

A white wall runs along the edges with small shrubs and plants added along the perimeter.

Ross and Phil married in front of their nearest and dearest last spring two years after getting engaged on a romantic holiday in New York in 2016.

Meanwhile in Hollyoaks Scott and Mitchell are set to take their relationship up a notch in an upcoming episode but Mitchell’s battle with his sexuality gets in the way of their love nest.

Mitchell has been romancing Scott’s drag alter-ego Anita Tinkle for weeks despite dating Cleo McQueen. 

Their secret relationship came to an explosive head at the end of last month as Cleo uncovered the truth after she saw Mitchell caressing Scott in hospital. 

Mitchell and Anita had been enjoying some secret alone time in the florists.

But when a crane fell it left the pair trapped under the debris mid-romp.

An injured Scott was then admitted to hospital and when Cleo saw Mitchell touching Scott’s cheek she put two and two together.

After Cleo demanded he choose between her and Scott, Mitchell came out in an emotional scene.

He said: “You, Scott, you’re funny and kind and smart and beautiful and real… I love you and I want you. You as you are, no costume no disguise no wig no you. You as you are."

However, the doctor might have ended things with Cleo but it looks like his struggles with his sexuality aren’t quite over yet.

In an upcoming episode, Mitchell and Scott find themselves being awkward with each other in public.

When Scott suggests moving in together, Mitchell is visibly torn about the idea but Scott manages to persuade him to go ahead with the plan.

But Mitchell is still struggling with shame and is quick to hide Scott in the bedroom when Martine turns up later in the episode.

Mitchell is then seen at The Loft with Martine where he admits he’s not ready to go public with his new "girlfriend".

Martine suggests moving back in with her, but Mitchell is worried about the impact it would have on his relationship with Scott. 

Meanwhile, a happy Scott gushes to Damon about moving in with his boyfriend.

But his bubble is burst later when he notices people arriving to view Mitchell’s flat.

When a confused Scott confronts Mitchell, the doctor lies that the landlord has put the rent up and he can’t afford it.

But Scott isn't convinced that Mitchell would give up the fight for his home so easily – what is he hiding?

Hollyoaks fans will have to tune in to find out.

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