Is Adam Busby OK? Why Fans Are Worried About the 'OutDaughtered' Father

We know Jon and Kate Gosselin for their eight kids and Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar for their lot of 19 — but there are a few newcomers to the reality TV world that fans are paying attention to. Adam and Danielle Busby have the first set of all-female quintuplets in the United States. Thanks to TLC’s OutDaughtered, viewers get an in-depth look into what the Busby household is like with five 3-year-olds and one 7-year-old. If there’s anything we can surmise, it’s that taking care of so many young children can’t be easy.

While Adam and Danielle Busby have captured audiences with the love they have for their family and each other, it seems fans are worried about Adam. Here’s why.

Adam experienced postpartum depression after the birth of the quintuplets

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Most understand that postpartum depression is a real fear for many expectant mothers — but others may not realize that fathers can also experience the condition. Back in 2017, People reminds us Danielle mentioned on an episode of OutDaughtered that Adam had been acting a bit more distant than usual. After she pressed him for answers regarding his strange behavior, he later discussed how deeply he was affected by postpartum depression.

Once Adam was willing to admit his difficulties to Danielle and the show producers, he also hoped to be totally open and honest with the Busby fan base. In a statement to People, he said, “After coming face to face with postpartum depression following the birth of our five daughters, I quickly learned that this is a very real struggle that dads all around the world go through, yet you rarely ever hear it talked about.” He also mentioned that he felt he’d be cheating his fans if “I hid this from the public and wasn’t honest with them.”

He’s mentioned that there were times he wanted to completely ‘check out’

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Fans were worried when Danielle first started noticing Adam’s off behavior. And though she promised to stick by him and help him through whatever his troubles were, fans were nervous once again when Adam admitted that his postpartum depression was making him want to “check out” altogether.

People reports Adam spoke honestly to his father about his depression, and fans finally got a look into how serious the condition was for the dad of six. While Adam’s father noted that many OutDaughtered viewers certainly looked at the Busby couple as superheroes for all they do, Adam wasn’t so sure. “I mean, I definitely don’t feel like the Adam that I used to be with work, with friends, relationships. It’s caused some issues between me and Danielle, just because sometimes I want to check out,” he said.

He’s sought help and hopes to bring awareness to mental health issues

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After speaking candidly about his mental health struggles, Adam knew it was time to seek professional help — and People reports back in 2017, the father of six did just that. While Adam explained that the “culture shock” of having quintuplets was extremely difficult, he admitted that he gives his all to his kids and didn’t feel like he had “anything left for anything else.” As he explained, “Maybe I do use my kids to avoid my problems. I just know that I’ve got to be strong for them — I just don’t want them to think that there’s something wrong with Daddy.”

While being vulnerable on camera wasn’t easy for Adam, he hopes that his own struggles and road to getting help can assist in ending mental health stigmas for men. “I want men to feel comfortable opening up about their feelings and expressing the struggles they’re going through,” he said. “The worst thing that you can do is stay silent and try fix things on your own.”

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