Is Grace Black leaving Hollyoaks – does she die?

In the last episode of Hollyoaks, we saw Grace Black fall victim to a terrible car accident, and it’s safe to say that it doesn’t look good.

A staple on the soap, Tamara Wall made her first appearance as Grace Black back in 2013.

Now however, Grace’s future is uncertain, as last night, we saw her horrifically mowed down by Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe) in an accident that could have cost Grace her life.

Is it possible that that was the last time any of us will see Grace alive?

Is Grace Black dead on Hollyoaks?

On the last episode of Hollyoaks, Grace ended up walking home alone after a fight with her girlfriend Farrah (Krupa Pattani) about whether or not Grace wanted to go with her to Canada.

With her head apparently cooled, Grace called Farrah and left a voicemail apologising about what she’d said, and agreeing to make the move.

Meanwhile, Mercedes and thoroughly bad-influence Liam were driving in Harry’s (Parry Glasspool) stolen car, having planned on painting the town red as it were.

But a text from Breda (Moya Brody) to Mercedes snapped her out of it – reminding her that she loves her family and that Liam isn’t the bad egg for her.

A freshly-heartbroken Liam reached around for Prince’s (Malique Thompson-Dwyer) drugs, and even though she was driving Mercedes tried her best to stop him from taking them.

During the scuffle, Mercedes crashed the car through the roadworks that Grace was walking next to, leaving her unconscious by the side of the road.

As to whether or not Grace has survived this awful ordeal, you’ll have to tune in to find out…

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