Is Jean Slater going to die in EastEnders and what stage cancer does she have?

IT was confirmed that Jean Slater has ovarian cancer in EastEnders tonight after the cleaner feared the worst.

But is she going to die and what stage cancer does she have? Let’s find out…

Is Jean Slater going to die in EastEnders?

It’s not known how Jean’s cancer battle will end in EastEnders at this stage. But we <do> know that it’s not just her physical health that will suffer now it’s been confirmed she has the disease.

EastEnders producer Kate Oates revealed that Jean would be seen battling her mental health issues while she comes to terms with her diagnosis.

She said: “"I know an actor of Gillian’s (Wright) calibre will approach the story with great truth and depth.

"The Slaters are an amazing ensemble family and this story is a completely fresh subject for them to tackle. I know they will do it justice and raise awareness of such an important issue that affects so many people."

What stage cancer does Jean have in EastEnders?

It was revealed on the episode that aired on March 14 2019 that Jean has stage three ovarian cancer.

The consultant at the hospital told her that she would need to start chemotherapy as a matter of urgency.

As Jean watched her daughter Stacey bombard the doctor with questions, she began to feel guilty and asked Shirley Carter if she could move in with her at the Vic.

Shirley promised Stacey she’d look after her while Jean told her daughter that she needed to concentrate on her own children or she’d get unwell too.

Stacey suffers from bi-polar disorder like Jean.

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