‘It can be taken away from me’ Tom Daley addresses narrowly missing gold at Olympics

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Olympic medallist Tom Daley recently opened up about his dreams of finally winning gold at this year’s Olympics, after walking away with a bronze in both London and Rio. The star also detailed his support system at home and how they have helped him through the pandemic and his rigorous training.

Olympic diver Tom Daley opened up about his dreams recently to discuss the impact of the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics last year.

The athlete explained that this year was his last chance to win Olympic gold.

Daley previously won bronze at London 2012 and at the Rio Olympics, and the British hopeful is keen to finally get his hands on gold in Tokyo this year.

The diver has also previously won three golds at the World Championships in 2009, 2015, and 2017.

Speaking to Radio Times, he said: “I feel lucky it’s even happening.

“I just want to enjoy this, I’ve seen that it can be taken away from me,” he explained.

Daley is currently training at the London Aquatics Centre, where he previously competed for gold nine years ago.

Daley is now 27-years-old and the diver is praying he doesn’t miss out on the chance to finally achieve gold before he gets too old to compete.

The athlete will compete in the Tokyo Olympics in the individual 10m platform event, as well as the 10m synchronized event with Matty Lee.

The diver also discussed with the publication how difficult it was to train to mental and physical perfection then have the coronavirus bring things to a complete halt by postponing the 2020 Olympics to this year.

“That was the hardest part,” said Daley, who is approaching retirement.

“When they said it was going to be postponed, but didn’t tell us until when, it was like limbo for us,” he elaborated.

“How do we restructure; how do we reschedule?”

“I didn’t know when I’d get back in the pool,” a frustrated Daley continued.

However, despite travelling to Tokyo to finally compete after the postponement, Daley is worried about the pressure he has put on himself this time around.

He admitted to pressuring himself so much that it felt like “torture”.

The diver later stated, though, that despite nerves, he was “excited” for the event to finally be happening and the chance to compete once again.

Daley revealed that lockdown has changed his perspective to “what matters most”, citing his parents, husband Dustin Lance Black, and their son Robbie as the reasons he has stayed strong.

He added: “The things that you have in your life every single day and often take for granted. I got to spend so much bonding time with my family.”

The Olympic medallist also stated that he values his child much more than any sporting achievement as he used to “define himself” by how well he did in a competition.

“Not any more. I’m a father, I’m a husband, so many more things than just a diver.”

The Tokyo Olympics airs on July 23 and viewers can stream the opening ceremony on BBC iPlayer.

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