'IT': Hilarious Behind the Scenes Details That Will Make You No Longer Fear Pennywise

Pennywise has been the focal point of our nightmares for decades now. And ever since Stephen King‘s IT had been adapted for the big screen in 2017, Bill Skarsgard‘s version of the killer clown has only enhanced our terror for the fictional character. But have no fear- We have gathered the most hilarious behind the scenes facts about the movie that will wash away all your worries. 

Pennywise (Bill Skarsgard) would make small talk with Beverly (Sophia Lillis) in between the particularly terrifying takes

In arguably one of the most horrifying scenes from the first film, Pennywise captures Beverly and brings her to the sewer. As he is about to kill the film’s heroine, he begins choking her while prepping to swallow Beverly whole. (Luckily, she is saved by the rest of the Losers’ Club.) 

But in between the horrifying takes, Skarsgard would make small talk with Lillis. She explains to Teen Vogue, “He’s so different from Pennywise; of course, hopefully, he’s not like Pennywise,” she says with a laugh. “He was this really nice, sweet guy. Working with him, it’s so funny because he tried to choke me [in one scene], but in between takes, he always talked to me about how my day was, [asking,] ‘How’s school life working for you?’”

Bill Skarsgard says playing Pennywise was ‘the loneliest film shoot’ he’s ever done

Just when we thought it was impossible to pity a killer clown…

The young actors who played the Losers Club members have excitedly explained that filming the horror movie was “the best summer of their lives” and that they all became “lifelong friends.” Yet for Skarsgard, playing Pennywise was a heartbreaking experience.

He tells NME, “It was certainly the loneliest film shoot I’ve ever done. I was so isolated… I was in this very uncomfortable make-up and suit. So I very much kept to myself. My co-workers were all kids, and they got really tight and became best friends on the shoot… while I felt really isolated and lonely.”

Is it bad that we want to give him a hug?  

Bill Skarsgard would FaceTime his girlfriend while dressed as Pennywise 

While filming the movies, Skarsgard had to be in full costume for fourteen hours straight. And according to E! He would FaceTime his girlfriend and their baby daughter while dressed as Pennywise. Skarsgard says his girlfriend is terrified of horror movies, yet there was no other way for them to avoid talking to each other without the killer clown outfit.

And as for his daughter?

She loves Pennywise!

“I’ve gotten a bunch of fun merch and stuff throughout the years, so her little baby room is filled with all these Pennywise teddy bears,” Skarsgard reveals, according to E!. 

Bill Hader’s kids were desperate to watch ‘IT Chapter 2,’ but he showed them ‘The Sandlot’ instead

Skarsgard’s daughter isn’t the only one who’s fascinated by Pennywise. According to Bill Hader, (who plays the adult Richie Tozier,) his three young girls were desperate to FaceTime with the killer clown.

In a behind the scenes book titled The World of IT, Hader reveals, “I was FaceTiming with my daughters, and they were like, ‘Where is the clown’s office?’”

Because his kids are under the age of 10, the Barry star refused to let his children watch IT

Hader said, “I showed them the movie The Sandlot, and I told them it was IT. And they were like, ‘This is Bull****. There’s no clown in this. It’s about some kids playing baseball. I don’t care about this.”

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