ITV stars had to sleep on suitcases after being forced to stay in grim hostel

Loaded in Paradise stars Karra and Jasmine have revealed the rough conditions they were forced to sleep in while filming the hit ITVX programme.

The competitive sun-soaked reality series, which dropped onto ITVX at the end of 2022, has had the nation gripped on the new streaming platform.

In the series, which is due to air on ITV2 this spring, sees six pairs tasked with racing around Greece to take control of a mystical Gold Card.

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Loaded with €50,000, only one pair are allowed to use the credit card at a time, meaning the duo need to be sneaky and clever about where they go and what they do.

The pair who manage to nab the card can spend it on whatever they want, with the card topped up every day for their use.

But if they get caught by another pair? Back to a super grim hostel they go with a lavish hotel far from their sights.

When watching the show, viewers watch on as the contestants get put up in grim-looking hostels, which begs the question – are they real?

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, contestants Karra and Jasmine revealed that the hostels were in fact very real, with the conditions dire.

"We really really went through it," Jasmine told us, adding: "The first hostels, it's like they really wanted to give us a shock. They were the worst."

She then urged: "And you really didn't see it. Me and Karra had sleep on our suitcases."

Chiming in, Karra then said: "I slept in my clothes," which then led to Jasmine saying: "Yeah, we slept in our clothes."

Revealing details about the grim conditions, Jasmine said: "I used my suitcase as a pillow, we didn't have any blankets or anything and there was a communal shower thing so everyone in the hostel can go in and have a shower right next to you."

Loaded in Paradise is available to stream now on ITVX.


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