James Jordan admits ‘worry’ about wife Ola stripping off for Strictly The Real Full Monty

Martin Roberts celebrates finishing The Real Full Monty

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Strictly The Real Full Monty is set to air next week on ITV as 12 celebrities take on the challenge to strip in front of millions of viewers. One celebrity taking on the challenge is ballroom dancer and choreographer James Jordan who has opened up about his reasons for taking part and the concerns he has for his wife stripping on TV.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk and other press, James explained: “You know what, I have to say, working with Ashley [Banjo], obviously from another dancer, has been inspirational.

“To the point actually when Ola first joined, because you joined a couple of days ago, a last-minute thing, his vision had you in tears.

“The way he sees it and involves everyone in the routine choreographically, it has been amazing to work with him,” he added, praising the Diversity dancer and Full Monty choreographer.

James continued: “We were talking with one of the producers earlier, and I said, ‘Oh, well, I spoke to Ashley about the stripping, and he said you don’t really think about it.

“It’s something that just happens, it’s something in the moment’, and Ola went, ‘Well, how would he know?’

“[And] I went, ‘He does it every year, and he is doing it this year’, and she went, ‘Ashley is stripping! Oh my god, I am so happy I’m doing it!’”

When asked how they felt about doing the strip, James said: “You know what I think that’s the only thing that we’re both absolutely terrified about, isn’t it?

“The stripping side of it, [but] for what it actually means to everybody, everyone’s individual story and everything the stripping side of it, is nothing.”

Ola interjected and said: “There is that moment, everyone is doing that to bring awareness to cancer.

“People can go to the doctors and not feel self-conscious about doing it, if we can do it in front of 3,000 people in an audience and millions of people on TV, hopefully, if it saves one person’s life.”

James then joked: “I’m worried about her [pointing to Ola] stripping on TV and honestly Ashley!

“When you’re hugging Ashley, I’ll be going, ‘Where’s my wife? Who is my wife hugging?’ But no, it’s been amazing.”

This year the Full Monty performance stars Laila, Martin Roberts, Christine McGuinness, Colin Jackson, Brenda Edwards, Duncan James, Demi Jones, Teddy Soares, Ola Jordan, James Jordan, Ashley Banjo and Coleen Nolan.

Strictly The Real Full Monty is led by Diversity member Ashley Banjo and is taking the famous Full Monty strip to a whole new level.

The first of two episodes of the show is set to air on Monday, December 13, with the second episode airing the following day on Tuesday, December 14.

Despite the celebs taking on the challenge to learn and 10-minute routine and stripping at the end of it, the main message is to raise awareness for cancer.

This year, the men and women are dancing and stripping off on stage together, despite previous years seeing the men and women being kept separate.

James and Ola Jordan are also the first married couple to be taking part in the performance to dance together on stage.

Ashley has come back with a bang and lead a brand-new line-up of brave celebrities, bringing old school glitz and glamour to an all-new supersized strip.

Strictly The Real Full Monty episode one airs December 13 on ITV at 9pm and episode two on December 14 on ITV at 9pm. 

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