James Martin hits back at Marcus Wareing after criticising his kitchen: ‘You need me!’

Marcus Wareing jokingly criticises James Martin's kitchen

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On Saturday morning, James Martin was joined by Michelin starred chef Marcus Wareing as he took over his kitchen to make mackerel with a peppercorn seasoning from his new cookbook. However, as Marcus was cooking his meal, he made a subtle swipe at James’ kitchen which left James to hit back and defend himself.

After searing the mackerel and adding the seasoning, Marcus said: “I think the pink peppercorn brings in something different.

“Little bit of coriander in there too, and just the white, I just think it works really well with the fish.

“Be generous, scored, into the grill! Right underneath it, now this will be test to see whether or not your hot grill is as good as my hot grill.”

Sarcastically, James replied: “You need to shut the door for that, it doesn’t work without it, just concentrate on your break, don’t burn your bread!

“This is why you need me here, you see, it was all going so well, you turned into Mr Cocky there,” James jibed, laughing.

Marcus exclaimed: “There’s nothing worse than cooking in someone else’s kitchen.”

Before he could finish, James said: “You were starting to get a little bit cocky after a while.”

After making sure his bread hadn’t burned, Marcus went back to the grill to check on the fish and told James: “Your grill is working.”

Confidently James said: “I know it’s working, I know I was right, have faith! I’ve got every bit of gear here you just have to know how to use it.”

Backing himself up over his comments, Marcus shouted: “I’ve only been here twice! Don’t give me that!”

Explaining where he got the idea for the dish, Marcus explained: “This is our Mediterranean lunch, I tried to replicate being on holiday with the family.

“And the idea, you can do this with salmon, I did it with sardines in the book,” to which James replied: “This is where your holiday is different to mine.

“My fish is usually caked in batter,” he joked.

Mocking James’ taste, Marcus teased: “I’m a Lancashire lad done good, you’re a Yorkshireman who’s still a Yorkshireman.”

As he introduced Marcus to the show, James said: “I’m here in the kitchen with a chef who’s become a living legend of the London restaurant scene.

“He’s smiling, but he really is, it’s the brilliant Marcus Wareing! Good to have you at the house this is your second time!”

Marcus modestly replied: “Where’d you get that title from? Yes, it is, I enjoyed it, last time you were cooking, helping me.”

Marcus joined James to speak about his new cookbook, which he has coming out and the restaurant being busy again.

Speaking about cooking during the lockdown, he said: “It’s a moment when the kids say to you ‘There’s nothing to eat, Dad it’s lunchtime.

“And so, I go into the fridge and just trying something different and just going in and just using ingredients, no plan, no recipe, go in.”

James Martin Saturday Morning airs Saturday at 9:30am on ITV.  

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