Jenelle Evans' 'Model In China' Ex Andrew Resurfaces on 'Teen Mom 2'

Jace’s father comes out of the woodwork and neither Jenelle or Barb are having it.

Remember Jace’s dad, Andrew Lewis? Welp, he’s back.

When Jenelle Evans last saw him, he had allegedly left her to become a "model in China," before popping up via webcam on a "Teen Mom 2" special for a few minutes back in 2017.

On Monday’s new episode of the MTV show, he returned for more screen time, making a plea to the producers, Jenelle and Jenelle’s mother, Barbara, to let him strike up a relationship with his son.

First, he turned to one of the show’s producers, Kristen, to make contact. Kristen approached Jenelle and showed the reality star the texts he had allegedly sent her.

"I’m back in New York. Are you down to bring Jace to New York City with Barbara and Jenelle?" he asked. "I just can’t travel because of work. I would love to see Jace, how would Jenelle feel about it?"

"Not too great," deadpanned Evans.

According to Kristen, he also said it’s "messed up" that Jace doesn’t know anything about his side of the family, like the fact he has a great uncle who’s "one of the most successful ghostwriters and guitar players of all time." Again, from Jenelle: "Shut the f–k up"

"He already sounds drunk when you read me those text messages," Evans told the producer, before explaining how she doesn’t want Andrew to "disappoint" Jace by showing up and then disappearing again.

Evans then relayed all of this to Barb — in a scene clearly filmed the same day as their park convo in last week’s episode — where the two reminisced on how "hot" Jenelle used to think Andrew was.

"Then you meet him and he looks like a raccoon with sunken in eyes," Jenelle remarked.

Evans then handed over her phone to Barbara, who called up Andrew on FaceTime.

Barb really gave him a hard time at first, pointing out that it’s been nine years and neither he or anyone else in his family has made any attempt to contact them about Jace. She wondered why he decided to reach out now and expressed concerns about his sobriety.

"I’ve always wanted to see Jace, I just never had the chance to contact — not my family — how to contact you guys," he said, unconvincingly. He then explained that he was in college at USC, graduated with his bachelor’s degree and moved to New York, where he has a "great" career and is "doing good for myself."

Guess those Chinese modeling gigs didn’t work out.

Barb ended the call by saying she’d be open to meeting with him in NYC first, to make sure he seemed okay and that it would be "safe" for Jace. She later told Jenelle she hoped to get a "true reading on him" before allowing his son to meet him.

"I hate Andrew so bad. It was an abusive relationship with him too," Evans told her mother. "I hate him so f–king bad. I have anxiety right now, just getting off the phone with him."

We’ll see how this plays out as new episode of "Teen Mom 2" air Mondays on MTV.

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