Jennifer Aniston Reveals What Jimmy Kimmel Got Her 'Addicted' to That's Ruining Her Life (Video)

And how much the ”Morning Show“ star freaked out when she lost it at his house

“Right, the ring that measures your sleep and stuff like that,” he added.

“Correct, which is on my finger,” Aniston said, holding her hand up to so the studio audience and viewers at home could see her gadget. “And I am addicted to it. And I was talking about how this is ruining my life because I’m so obsessed with the Oura Ring and looking at my sleep patterns and how badly I sleep and it shames me every day. And then all of a sudden, I look up and it’s gone. And I’m just like, ‘Oh God, Jimmy!’”

“You started digging,” Kimmel said, laughing.

“I dug through the salad! But this was such a big salad though and I’m digging and I’m digging and I’m digging and I can’t find it and I can’t find it. And I go, ‘Well, somebody is going to find it. Eventually,’” Aniston said. “And then two seconds later, there it is.”

“Right next to the salad,” Kimmel said, laughing more.

Then he revealed the true reason he wanted Aniston to relive her shame: “I just wanted you to tell that story because when it goes on YouTube, we’re going to label it ‘Jennifer Aniston Tosses Jimmy Kimmel’s Salad.’”

That is, in fact, what the video, which you can view above, is titled.

“It’s going to be HUGE!” Aniston joked when he told her the plan.

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