Jennifer Lopez Disses Leah Remini's Cooking, Talks Super Bowl Halftime, Variety Show and More

Remini defends her cooking and says her former Scientologist friends literally run away from her now.

Andy Cohen doubled up on Thursday’s "Watch What Happens Live" with "Second Act" costars — and real-life close friends — Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini sharing the stage.

The pair’s on-screen chemistry clearly comes naturally as their banter throughout Cohen’s show was an absolute delight to watch. Even more adorable, they kept randomly holding one another’s hands as they talked about the film and their friendship.

But like all friends, it isn’t always sunshine and roses, as when Cohen asked them to identify who was better at certain things and they gave very different responses when he brought up cooking.

It proved just the tip of the iceberg in a free-ranging interview that tackled if Lopez will ever perform at the Super Bowl, how Remini’s former Scientologist friends literally run away from her now, who’s gotten more action on a film set and plenty more.

Kitchen Burn

When asked who the better cook was, Remini went the diplomatic approach and said they were both great. J.Lo gestured toward herself.

"Oh, you just said you?" Remini said.

With a laugh, Lopez said, "Leah, I’ve tasted your cooking … It’s true. I’m sorry."

But then Remini realized she knew what this was about. "The one time I made us salty lasagna, really? You’re carrying on about that?"

"It wasn’t just salty, it was the saltiest lasagna you’ve ever had."

But even being called out publicly couldn’t keep Remini down, as the two continued to laugh as they dished about who’s better at dancing, hosting parties, offering advice and even apologizing.

Runaway Friends

It helps that Lopez giving her grief for her cooking is still way better than many of Remini’s other friends have treated her. Things changed dramatically for the actress after she not only stepped away from Scientology, but began to speak out against the organization and its teachings.

Cohen brought up Remini’s strained relationship with those who are still Scientologists by asking if it surprised her when "The Handmaid’s Tale" star Elisabeth Moss walked out during her acceptance speech at the TCAs. Moss is still affiliated with Scientology.

"No, unfortunately," Remini said sadly. "I wish I was surprised, but that is very– That is kind of the teachings of Scientology to not watch or listen to anything or anyone who’s speaking out against the abuses of it."

She then surprised him by saying that her former friends "literally run away. And it’s really sad to watch it."

But even then, she doesn’t blame them. "I remember how I felt when I saw people who I was taught and brainwashed into believing were the devil," she said. "It’s sad to see them react to me that way when I’m like, I’m me. I don’t mean you any harm. I want you to do well in life, I promise you."

Super Variety

After her residency in Las Vegas, Cohen was certain that Lopez would be tapped to host a Super Bowl halftime show, but she said nothing has come her way about that yet.

However, she did seem pretty confident about the possibility, saying, "I feel ilke it will happen when it’s supposed to happen. I don’t really sweat stuff like that. It would be a great thing. I’m totally open for it and we’ll see."

On a related note, a caller asked if she would ever consider following in the footsteps of Cher by hosting her own variety show. Unfortunately, variety shows aren’t nearly as popular or successful as they once were, but Lopez definitely seemed intrigued by the idea, which she admitted she’d never really considered.

"It could be fun, I guess," she admitted. "I have a lot of things coming up next year, so maybe not next year. But maybe in the future, who knows?"

Considering the wide variety of jobs she’s already held throughout her career — including dancer, reality show judge, TV star, movie star, producer, director and oh yeah, mega-successful pop star — there’s nothing she couldn’t do and do well.

Trailer Rocks

Remini seemed shocked by some of the results of around of "Never Have I Ever," as Lopez basically had to take a drink for every item, because she’d done or seen all of them.

Her "Second Act" costar seemed particularly amused that Lopez silently and intently sipped her drink after Cohen said, "Never have I ever hooked up with someone in my trailer.

"I’ve done 40-something movies," Lopez said. "I live in a trailer."

"You gotta get it in when you can," Remini agreed with a laugh.

Fans can definitely get their fix of Lopez and Remini together on the big screen when "Second Act" hits theaters on December 21.

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