Jeremy Clarkson speechless as Richard Hammond ‘ruins’ day on Grand Tour with new hobby

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The Grand Tour presents: Lochdown dropped on Amazon Prime Video last month as fans got to see Richard Hammond, James May and Jeremy Clarkson head to Scotland for an all-new adventure. Restricted to the UK as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the former Top Gear trio got to grips with the Scottish roads behind the wheels of some of the USA’s most coveted cars, as well as took to the water for some truly unique challenges. And while things were far from plain sailing on the road, it was during a ferry trip that Jeremy and James were dumbfounded by Richard.

The moment came after James, Richard and Jeremy had managed to – just about – navigate their way through mainland Scotland in their larger than life American vehicles.

After weaving through the Isle of Skye, their next stop was in the Outer Hebrides, on the island of North Uist.

To get there, however, the three presenters had to board a ferry, giving the Grand Tour hosts time to reflect on their Stateside cars and the stereotypes that come with being behind the wheel of one.

“When you see someone driving an American car in Britain,” Jeremy began to muse. “You know everything about them.”

The Who Wants to Be a Millionaire host continued: “You know that [Donald] Trump makes them plump, they’ve got a Confederate Flag in the garage, they only drink Bud.

“When you see someone driving a Fiat, you don’t think, ‘I bet he waves his hands around and has a weird relationship with his mother’,” Jeremy joked, prompting Richard to jump in.

“That’s what I mean,” Richard said. “You don’t make assumptions based on the car’s nationality at all.”

“But with an American car, you absolutely do,” Jeremy weighed back in before he and James spotted the perfect opportunity to tease Richard.

James butted in: “Let’s just take a hypothetical case, let’s say if you saw a classic Mustang, a dark green one, and it was being driven by Richard Hammond.

“All you can see is his face sticking up above the steering wheel,” James continued. “But you’d still think he’s wearing cowboy boots.”

Jeremy and James then pointed to Richard’s footwear as their co-host let out a wry smirk.

But when Jeremy pointed out the “only thing he doesn’t do” that most American car enthusiasts supposedly do – playing golf – it’s fair to say he and James weren’t expecting Richard’s reply.

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After spotting Richard turn rather sheepish, James and Jeremy probed further, prompting their co-host to come clean: “My name’s Richard Hammond and I’ve taken up golf recently, I’ve been having lessons.”

Stunned into silence, both James and Jeremy blankly stared at Richard following the revelation and didn’t mince their words with what they thought about it.

“Seriously?” James eventually asked as Richard explained: “I bought a set of golf clubs and I’ve been having lessons twice a week at my local golf course.”

“Why have you taken golf lessons?” a perplexed James probed as Richard admitted he had seen his friends enjoy the sport.

“It’s hard, I mean it’s really, really hard -“ Richard continued before Jeremy let loose on his Amazon co-host.

“I’m not interested!” Jeremy shouted. “I was having quite an interesting thought process there about American cars.

“And now suddenly my day’s been ruined. Somebody I’ve actually enjoyed working with for the past 15 years is as it turns out, weird.”

Luckily for Richard, he managed to escape the onslaught from his fellow presenters as they arrived on the island and moved on with the rest of the special.

The Grand Tour presents: Lochdown is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video now.

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