Jimmy Kimmel and Anderson Cooper Got Major 'Real Housewives' Vibes From Trump's Oval Office Meeting with Pelosi and Schumer

Kimmel mashes up the meeting with clips from the Bravo series, and we see the resemblance.

The White House turned into "The Real Housewives of D.C." on Tuesday, according to both Jimmy Kimmel and CNN anchor Anderson Cooper.

Both television stars drew comparisons to the Bravo show while covering the widely mocked meeting between President Donald Trump, Senator Chuck Schumer and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, who basically threw shade at each other on live television Tuesday morning during an Oval Office meeting in which Trump threatened to shut down the government if Democrats do not agree to fund that border wall he’s been promising.

"And that, in the middle of the jabs, the interruptions, and the grandstanding, and the ‘Real Housewives’ reunion techniques was the main substance of the show," Cooper said of the political spectacle he characterized as "The Apprentice: Director’s Cut."

"Perhaps it was orchestrated to appeal to his base, to distract from the headlines," Cooper theorized of Trump’s televised temper tantrum. "Whatever the motive, the president wanted to make one thing clear: He says he wants his wall and if he doesn’t get the money he wants for it in 10 days, he’ll shut the government down."

Cooper proceeded to fact check the president’s claims he dropped throughout the meeting, and he called B.S. on a bunch after marveling at Trump pretending a significant portion of his dream wall had been built. "The wall has not been built. Not a lot of it. Not tremendous amounts of it. None of it," he said. "The big, beautiful border wall that Mexico was going to pay for, it does not exist."

He kicked off the segment with this introduction: "If you ever used to think of the Oval Office as a dignified place, where serious people discuss serious issues in a serious manner, today the reality of what it’s become became clear. Today the Oval Office was used as a backdrop, like the fake board room set on the set of the reboot of ‘The Apprentice,’ except on this White House show the contestants don’t have to pretend they want to work for Donald Trump.

"In fact, one of participants even questioned the president’s manhood,” he continued, referencing a comment made my Pelosi after production wrapped on the dramatic episode. "The vice president was there, too. You wouldn’t really know it though, because he didn’t say anything, he just sat silently at times staring down at his hands —- while the president tried to both star in and produce the show."

Kimmel said that Trump "got worked" by Pelosi and Schumer, joking that the president is "basically a toddler threatening to keep screaming on the floor of Toys-R-Us until Congress buys him a Hatchable."

Then he took the "Real Housewives" comparison to the next level by actually producing a mashup with Bravo stars Bethenny Frankel and Teresa Giudice.

"The meeting was supposed to be closed to the press but then Trump called an audible and invited reporters into watch which didn’t accomplish much other than possibly launching a new reality TV franchise."

CUT TO "The Real White House Wives of D.C." in the marvelous video below.


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