JLo and ARod reunite with her ex Diddy for an Instagram Live dance party – The Sun

JENNIFER Lopez and fiance Alex Rodriguez joined her ex-boyfriend Sean “Diddy” Combs for an Instagram Live dance party on Sunday.

The trio got down to Diddy’s Been Around the World remix as part of his dance-a-thon aimed at raising money for the Team Love COVID-19 Response Fund.

JLo, 50, and Diddy, 50, famously dated from 1999, while she was working on her debut album, until 2001.

They reunited for a good cause on social media, with Arod, 44, right by his woman’s side the whole time, to encourage donations in support of frontline workers.

The rapper and music producer promised his followers a big show for his “party with a purpose,” revealing, aside from JLo and Arod, that Drake, Chris Brown, Oprah Winfrey, Justin Bieber, Will Smith, Alicia Keys, Kevin Hart, Megan Thee Stallion and more would join the fun.

The IG Live had an audience of about 100,000 when Diddy’s ex and her new beau hopped on.

Before dancing to the remix track, they busted out some moves to Suavamente, leading Jennifer to tell the record producer: “I thought I taught you that.”

The 2020 Super Bowl performer then gave healthcare workers a shout-out for all that they’re doing amid the coronavirus pandemic before revealing to Diddy that Arod is his “biggest fan.”

He asked his famous fan, “Which song do you want?” But ultimately decided on the remix track.

Jennifer was quick to get up and start dancing, with Puff Daddy following suit shortly thereafter and requesting Alex join them.

The former baseball player obliged and showed off a few moves, but he made sure to give a lot of room to his fiancee for her salsa dancing.

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