Joe Biden To Hold Press Conference On March 25

President Joe Biden will hold his first formal press conference on the afternoon of March 25.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki made the announcement Tuesday, after telling journalists last week that Biden would have such an event by the end of the month.

There has been increasing attention to the fact that Biden has not yet had a full press conference while his recent predecessors had already done so during the presidency. Still, Psaki has noted that Biden frequently answers questions from reporters, as he did today before he left on a trip to Pennsylvania.

Donald Trump held his first full press conference as president on February 16, 2017. When questions of press conferences came up, his press secretaries also cited Trump’s accessibility to reporters at various moments during the day, even though correspondents say that the fleeting nature of those moments was less than ideal.

Dana Perino, the co-anchor of Fox News’ America’s Newsroom and former White House press secretary, had some mild criticism for the way that the press conference was announced.

She wrote on Twitter, “A Perino rule – never ever ever ever ever ever ever announce a press conference in nine days time. Wait until THAT MORNING, see what’s happening and THEN deploy. The press is gonna show up no matter what. But hey! It’ll be something to look forward to!”

Meanwhile, Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo will interview Biden’s predecessor, Trump, this evening during Fox News Primetime. Bartiromo is among the personalities who have filled the hour slot until the network names a permanent opinion host..

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