John Oliver Praises Kellogg's for Better Cinematic Universe Than Marvel

The late night host is a REALLY big fan of Shaq and Tony the Tiger’s commercial

John Oliver may not have had a new show this week, but that didn’t stop him from unleashing a fresh rant upon the world. This week, all he wanted to talk about was cereal — and as it turns out, Oliver is a bigger fan of Tony the Tiger than Tony Stark.

In a video exclusively released on YouTube, Oliver unleashed a nearly seven-minute-long rant about cereal — or, more specifically, the recent lack of variety in the breakfast food.

“You might say that’s a minor gripe, but think about it!” Oliver said. “We haven’t had an exciting new cereal in what feels like 100 years. Remember how thrilling cereal news used to be?”

Oliver then heaped praises onto cereals like Trix for its innovative new shapes and flavors, Cap’n Crunch for releasing an all-berries version of its cereal and Reese’s Puffs for… well, for simply existing. But for Oliver, there’s one cereal that stands above all the rest: Frosted Flakes.

According to the late-night host, the only good cereal commercial in the last decade was the one starring Shaquille O’Neal and Tony the Tiger. For Oliver, that commercial is “30 seconds of sheer perfection” — even better than Marvel’s entire catalogue.

“In just half a minute, it established a world in which Tony the Tiger exists, has a handsomely decorated home office including a custom ‘Tony’ nameplate, apparently video chats Shaquille O’Neal every single morning for breakfast, and that they love each other,” Oliver explained. “That is a more richly detailed cinematic universe than what Marvel has made in 13 f—ing years!”

From there, Oliver went on to scold other cereal brands that haven’t gotten things nearly as right, including his apparent new worst enemy, Cheerios.

You can watch John Oliver’s full cereal segment here and in the video above.

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