Kate Ferdinand reveals she’s suffered ‘bad days’ after feeling ‘overwhelmed and uneasy’ in isolation – The Sun

KATE Ferdinand has admitted feeling "a large range of emotions" while in lockdown with her family during the coronavirus crisis.

The former Towie star has generally felt good, but has had "bad days" while in lockdown where she felt "overwhelmed and uneasy".

Kate, 28, took some time away from homeschooling her step-children and posting workout videos to answer fan questions on Instagram.

One fan asked the reality star for some tips on how to deal with anxiety, saying they're really suffering during coronavirus and having the kids at home.

Kate replied: "Most importantly, I hope you're ok."

"Honestly, I have generally been feeling quite good but I have had some bad days where I have been feeling really really uneasy and overwhelmed."

She admitted she struggles without a routine and has made sure to create one in lockdown.

Kate wrote: "I'm quite good at recognising what I struggle with so I have tried my best to sort some kind of routine to stay on track & have some small goals – even if a goal is cleaning the kitchen.

"The small goals help me stay focused and my mind busy."

But she also recognised it was alright to have bad days too.

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Kate told fans: "Saying that, I'm not too hard on myself if I am struggling."

"Tomorrow we have decided to have a rest day, relax, try not to do too many chores and jobs and I am telling myself THAT'S OK!"

The star also revealed exercise really helps and regularly works out in her custom home gym with footballer husband Rio Ferdinand and her three step-children Lorenz, 13, Tate, 11, and Tia, 8.

She said: "Exercise also really helps, walking the dog and having some fresh air and also listening to your body.

"If it's time to relax and rest don't put too much pressure on yourself."

Kate will be broadcasting live workouts every Wednesday and Sunday at 10am so her fans can join in with her.

In between workouts, Kate is helping to homeschool their children and admits to being the strict parent.

Kate said in a recent video: “Rio's a bit strict”, to which Rio said: “I have to be strict, so they know.”

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