Kate Garraway fears second pandemic after heartbreaking news over Derek’s recovery

Kate Garraway reflects on Derek’s treatment during pandemic

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Kate Garraway voiced her opinion on a second pandemic during Friday’s Good Morning Britain. The presenter, whose husband Derek Draper is finally home and slowly recovering from coronavirus, has been reading up on scientists research into the virus. 

She began: “There has been this landmark study into long Covid. I know I have personal reasons to look into long Covid in great detail.

“What they’ve highlighted, and what I’ve been saying, is that we are facing another pandemic of the suffering of long Covid of which the symptoms are still unclear.

“We know that thousands if not millions have some of the symptoms, but don’t know the full extent,” Kate continued. 

“Part of the report says poor access to treatment is causing big problems. 

“I can only imagine that’ll get worse as pressure on the NHS is already so great, then with pressure dealing with new cases, how on earth can it be expected to help an emerging other situation which is long Covid.”

“You’re absolutely right,” Dr Amir Khan said. “My experience – the treatment options available for patients with long Covid, or people with long Covid is limited, they are often waiting quite a long time to be seen in secondary care clinics as well. 

“The study is really promising in that if you have two doses of the vaccine it can reduce your risk of developing long Covid by a third. 

“The study has shown having two doses of the MRNA – Moderna and Pfizer one – can actually reduce your symptoms of long Covid if you already have it by about 50 percent. 

“So the vaccines are key…I agree, we do have to have a discussion about when we can open up but I do think that has to be at a critical threshold when we’ve achieved the vaccination numbers that we aim to do,” the doctor added. 

Kate was recently left devastated when she was told by doctors Derek would be unlikely to recover back to normal health if he didn’t make significant progress within two years. 

Over the last year, Kate wrote a book, The Power of Hope, in which she spoke about Derek’s neurologist and the advice she was given. 

Dr W – as she refers to the specialist – said “there is very little chance of him making a meaningful recovery”. 

It has been said, no one has seen a Covid case as severe as Derek’s so the outcome is hard to predict. 

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It comes after Kate told her co-host, Susanna Reid, earlier this month about how things “might have been different”. 

I spend a lot of time reflecting on whether things might have been different in lots of ways – both in the government’s handling of it, in the scientific advice, in the doctors’ advice, specifically today,” she said. “And it was definitely confusing, wasn’t it?

“So I think hindsight is a wonderful thing but it doesn’t mean to say that we don’t address what went wrong. So obviously there were things that could have helped, we now know.

“But just as the doctors say, if we’d given Derek this particular medication at this point, we now know that that would have definitely helped but at the time we feared that it might have killed him,” she continued. 

“I’m quite generous to the government generally about the fact that they were looking at the situation thinking, ‘What is going to be the most harmful?’

“And if, as he said, that Boris Johnson was more concerned with the economy, maybe he genuinely believed that that was the biggest risk.

“But it doesn’t mean to say that planning for the pandemic and planning for lockdown, that should have been in place just from Boris Johnson’s perspective but as a society, that we haven’t got those things in place.”

Kate added: “The problem is you have a trust problem and you have to do something about it or more lives will be lost.

“I can accept the fact no one knew what was going on and mistakes will have been made, but not being able to admit those mistakes until now I think is a problem and he has to address it – and quickly.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV. 

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