Kate Garraway reveals sadness over being forced to be both 'mum and dad' to kids while husband Derek remains in hospital

KATE Garraway has spoken of her sadness about having to be both "mum and dad" to her two children while her husband Derek remains in hospital.

The 53-year-old has been forced into being a single mum to Darcey, 14, and Billy, 11, while Derek battles back from his coronavirus coma.

Kate was tonight given the award of Inspiration Of The Year at the HELLO! Star Women Awards following her bravery throughout her family's tragedy.

Speaking at the virtual awards ceremony, the Good Morning Britain star said: "It has brought us closer but also they miss their dad, so I guess I'm trying to be mum and dad as well and obviously can't be.

"It's sad as well, so it's making sure there's enough laughter going on as well. That's so important.

"You find yourself laughing at the silliest things and that's kind of a release."

She added: "I obviously hope that Derek can recover and come back to us, I mean that's the big one.

"I hope that we can as a country fight our way out of this pandemic. We don't give in to bitterness and anger.

"I hope we can keep that community spirit we had at the beginning where we were all clapping for carers."

Former political lobbyist Derek, 53, was placed in an induced coma after being admitted to hospital in March with coronavirus, and Kate has spoken frequently about how much she and their children Darcey and Billy miss him.

In November, Kate told co-host Ben that she feels "physically sick" about the prospect of Christmas without Derek.

She said: "I feel physically sick actually. I can feel my chest tightening at the thought of it, and the total panic at Darcy, Bill and myself on our own at Christmas unable to visit Derek because of restrictions, and that huge emotional hole.

"I don't know how to fill it, without friends and grandparents to fill it. It feels like such a significant moment."

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